A Quote by J. (Jiddu) Krishnamurti on meditation, krishnamurti, mind, silence, and action

When you turn your head from horizon to horizon your eyes see a vast space in which all the things of the earth and of the sky appear. But this space is always limited where the earth meets the sky. The space in the mind is so small. In this little space all our activities seem to take place: the daily living and the hidden struggles with contradictory desires and motives. In this little space the mind seeks freedom, and so it is always a prisoner of itself. Meditation is the ending of this little space. To us, action is bringing about order in this little space of the mind. But there is another action which is not putting order in this little space. Meditation is action which comes when the mind has lost its little space. This vast space which the mind, the I, cannot reach, is silence. The mind can never be silent within itself; it is silent only within the vast space which thought cannot touch. Out of this silence there is action which is not of thought. Meditation is this silence.

J. Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986)

Source: Meditations 1969 Part 3

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A Quote by Baba Ram Dass on words, silence, love, unity, and language

We're fascinated by the words--but where we meet is in the silence behind them.

Ram Dass

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A Quote by Florence R. Krall on opinions, relationships, understanding, communication, love, friends, complexity, critical, viewpoint, and silence

When we try to explain the complexity of what we see to others who demand that things be laid out in straight paths, they often become resistent and critical... when our viewpoint repeatedly falls on deaf ears, we become silent - avoid confrontation. One source of human suffering arises when our words and actions are perceived, by those we serve or love, in a light of being different from that intended.

Florence R. Krall

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A Quote by Isaac on poetry and silence

That of the poet is one of the most silent jobs. It is so much greater what he does not say than what he does.

Isaac Perez

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A Quote by Adyashanti on emptiness, awaken, and silence

All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.


Source: Adyashanti newsletter

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A Quote by Peace Pilgrim on religion, god, truth, silence, spiritual maturity, and oneness

Religion is not an end in itself. One's union with God is the ultimate goal. There are so many religions because immature people tend to emphasize trivial differences instead of important likenesses. Differences between faiths lie in creeds and rituals rather than religious principles.

How diverse the many paths seem to be at times, but do they not all come together eventually upon the same mountaintop? Are they not all striving for the same thing? If you are guided toward a faith, use it as a stepping stone to God, not as a barrier between yourself and God's other children or as a tower to hold you aloft from others. If you are not guided toward a faith (or even if you are) seek God in the silence -- seek within.

When we attempt to isolate another we only isolate ourselves. We are all God's children and there are no favorites. God is revealed to all who seek; God speaks to all who will listen. Be still and know God.

Peace Pilgrim

Source: Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, Pages: 65

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A Quote by Thomas Merton on silence and regligion

If there is no silence beyond and within the many words of doctrine, there is no religion, only a religious ideology.  For religion goes beyond words and actions, and attains to the ultimate Truth only in silence and Love.

Thomas Merton (1915 - 1968)

Source: Thomas Merton: Essential Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series), Pages: 78

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A Quote by Lao Tzu on silence and strength

Silence is a source of great strength.

Lao Tzu (c.604 - 531 B.C.)

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A Quote by David Whyte on contemplation, freedom, work, soul, psyche, yin, silence, solitude, and empty your cup

Silence is like a cradle holding our endeavors and our will; a silent spaciousness sustains us in our work and at the same time connects us to larger worlds that, in the busyness of our daily struggle to achieve, we have not yet investigated. Silence is the soul's break for freedom.

David Whyte

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A Quote by Joao Magueijo on physics, work, cosmology, cosmologist, theoretical physics, clarity, mind, silence, yin, play, travel, explorer, and vision

Thinking can be lateral or "sweaty". For the latter you're better off in an office and following a routine but for the former you have to be "out of your mind", so to speak. So although I recognize the merits of hard work, I find that my work goes stale if I don't go off wandering around the world every few weeks. My friends think I'm a gipsy, but that's when I do "part 1" of my best work.

Joao Magueijo


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