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Your heart is your soul. Your soul is your heart's planet. Your planet is named Venus. There are some sticks on Venus. Your heart picks them up, oh, what an admirable action! Your heart slips, carefully does not do it. Oh, misery! Your heart has been pierced! Just like my ears at Claire's! Young child, do not fear, for your Booger Hubbard man has already appeared. You shall not be afraid of advertising that keeps Gaia free!, and you shall not feel the dark pain I cause for you. You see me as your hero, I see everyone as an enemy. If your heart slips on a stick one day, please let me know. Call 1-800-LUV-6969. Please. It will be for the sake of the future. Only $6.999. Enter now and win a free consolation prize. Oh, please, joyous children of the world! Join now and get a free piece of candy! Which would mean I would have to get circumsized! It shall be worth it, my children. :)

Booger Hubbard

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