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I am Horus, the great Falcon upon the ramparts of the house of him of the hidden name. My flight has reached the horizon. I have passed by the gods of Nut. I have gone further than the gods of old. Even the most ancient bird could not equal my very first flight. I have removed my place beyond the powers of Set, the foe of my father Osiris. No other god could do what I have done. I have brought the ways of eternity to the twilight of the morning. I am unique in my flight. My wrath will be turned against the enemy of my father Osiris and I will put him beneath my feet in my name of 'Red Cloak'.

R.T. Rundle Clark

Source: "Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt" by R.T. Rundle Clark, p. 216-passage from the Coffin Texts (passage 148) sums up Horus in his own words:

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