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Ndanke Ndanke Muy Diap Golo Chi Nai
Wolof for "Slowly, slowly the monkey is coaxed from the underbrush."  Achieving anything worthwhile takes time and patience.  Stated negatively, haste will destroy what perserverence will nurture.  It's not hard to imagine what would happen if you dive into the underbrush after the monkey. 

This is a major value in Senegalese society, but is mostly foreign to Westerners.  Everybody know that "patience is a virtue," but the Senegalese idea is deeper, more fundamental -- even if you haven't made tangible progress toward your objective today or tomorrow, it's no indication that you've failed, even in the short term.  A person's fortune unfolds slowly, unpredictably.  Set-backs are temporary.  Success in even the small things requires the long view.

Traditional Wolof Proverb

Contributed by: John

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