A Quote by Robert Augustus Masters on ego, mortality, self-transcendence, and awakening

The sense of being somebody special (a legend in our own mind!) helps immunize “I” against the bare facticity of its own mortality, here-and-now instability, and innate insubstantialness.

Even when “I” dreams of transcending itself - as in those programs that have (or advertise) as their central agenda the eradication of ego - it is still an “I” who has now achieved the incomparable goal of self-transcendence! “Look, Ma, no ego!” we announce as we unicycle past our rapt inner audience, too proud to notice our pride, forgetting that self-conceit persists well into advanced transpersonal stages of development.

In our craving to be somebody special - and don't forget that we may find our specialness through being “nobody” - we bypass exploration of that very craving, committing far more of our passion to fulfilling our dreams than to actually awakening from them.

-Robert Augustus Masters, Darkness Shining Wild, p.58

Robert Augustus Masters

Source: Darkness Shining Wild: An Odyssey to the Heart of Hell & Beyond: Meditations on Sanity, Suffering, Spirituality, and Liberation, Pages: 58

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, illusion, and self-transcendence

As always, the illusion of self-transcendence is far more facile and available than self-transcendence itself:  in the vast majority of cases what human consciousness opens up to is merely a more encompassing form of finitude (another captivating illusion or delusion).

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Sri Chinmoy on self-transcendence, potential, and achievement

Your self-transcendence-goal
Is not something
That you have to achieve.
It was already given to you long ago
By your Beloved Supreme.
You have only to believe it.
You have only to receive it.

Sri Chinmoy

Source: Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, by Sri Chinmoy

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