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A Quote by Karen D. McMillan on self care, awareness, spiritual, enlightenment, humanity, honour, love, journey, and transition

On self-care:  If you put yourself on the back burner, you may get burnt ... or burn out.

Karen McMillan

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A Quote by Kaya McLaren on saving, healing, self care, lifetime, kaya mclaren, and church of the dog

Since none of us get off this planet alive, buying more time on this planet is really all "saving" is anyway. Healing is another matter. Healing is something you have to do for yourself. Healing is what happens to your soul, to your life, to your relationships with others. Healing does not always extend the length of your time on this planet, but healing is all that truly matters.

Kaya McLaren

Source: Church of the Dog, Pages: 43

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on self, love, neglect, and self care

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin
As self-neglecting.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: King Henry V, Act 2, Scene 4

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A Quote by Hippocrates on doctor, medicine, and self care

If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.

Hippocrates (c.460 - 400 BC)

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