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A Quote by Anaïs Nin on self awareness, things, perspective, and self

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anaïs Nin (1903 - 1977)

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A Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on maturity and self awareness

A man's maturity consists in having found again the seriousness one had as a child, at play.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

Source: ietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good and Evil. Walter Kaufmann trans. New York: Random House, 1989.

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A Quote by Robert Anson Heinlein on self awareness and spirituality

The only religious opinion I feel sure of is this: self-awareness is not just a bunch of amino acids bumping together

Robert Heinlein (1907 - 1988)

Source: Stranger in a Strange Land

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A Quote by Isha De Lubicz on cat, cats, self awareness, and self control

Other animals give us a lesson in self-control:  the cat, for instance, whose wisdom is a model because it combines the most intent passion with the calmest indifference.  Motionless it plans its leap, and performs it exactly; the strength of its muscles is matched by its relaxation in repose; in sleep it has the abandon of an infant, yet its instinct is ever alert; it can fall without danger because it does not resist; hunting and fighting are games of pure pleasure for it, it hunts with rancor and plays without an object; it is ever ready to attack without animosity, and to defend itself without apprehension; being indifferent to victory, it cannot feel defeat.

            Serenity comes from independence.

            This independence, to be created in oneself, is not indifference, but neutrality with regard to the impressions received from without – whether pretty or ugly, good or bad, happy or sad, pleasant or unpleasant.  It is one thing to observe these qualities and quite another to let them affect our moods.

Isha De Lubicz

Source: Opening of the Way: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Pages: 117

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A Quote by Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi on journey, development, and self awareness

You lack a foot to travel?
Then journey into yourself
And like a mine of rubies
receive the sunbeams print

Out of yourself such a journey
will lead you to your self,
It leads to transformation
of dust into pure gold!

Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Source: Look! This is Love - Poems of Rumi

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A Quote by Cole Prior Stevens on freedom, knowledge, and self awareness

You are free... when you know... what you are not ~Cole Prior Stevens

Cole Stevens

Source: UFO guys

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