A Quote by François Marie Arouet Voltaire on life, nature, and seek

Who are you, Nature?
I live in you;
for fifty years I have been seeking you,
and I have not found you yet.

Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Source: Philosophical Dictionary

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A Quote by Eileen Caddy on individual, place, seek, fit in, responsibility, souls, inspire, rightful place, plan, front line, accept, specific work, leadership, loyalthy, gratitude, and praise

There is a place for each individual in the world, but you must seek and find where your place is and where you fit in. If you are afraid to take the responsibility of bringing in the new, do not try to stop those souls who are willing to do it. Realise that those souls who have been trained and inspired to undertake this task will do so, for it is their work. Find your rightful place in the whole vast plan, and if you are not in the front line do not let it disturb you. Remember, all sorts of people are needed to make up the whole. Simply accept your specific work and do what you know you have to do wholeheartedly, and allow those souls who have been placed in the position of leadership and responsibility to go ahead. Give them your full backing and complete loyalty; they need it and appreciate it. Lift up your heart in deep love praise and gratitude for them, and always give of your very best.

Eileen Caddy

Source: Opening Doors Within: 365 daily meditations from Findhorn

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A Quote by Mr. on truth, path, seek, ego, journey, start, and mr prophet

If you seek the path to the truth, leave your ego at the start of your journey.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: "The Path"

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A Quote by Aron Ralston on adversity, growth, blessings, embrace, and seek

Adversity is the source of our deepest growth and greatest blessings; embrace it, dare to seek it.

Aron Ralston

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A Quote by Lena Lees on kuan yin, seek, be in the now, and spirit connection

"Look beyond what this world offers. Seek out another place beyond this earth. Be in the now. Slow down. Everything is too chaotic. Lay down everything you need to do. You're not just your bodies, you know. Keep your spirit connection. Weight, chemicals of body are more influential when you're not connected with spirit. Connection with spirit can help overcome even genetic and hormonal limits."

Lena Lees

Source: The Living Word of Kuan Yin

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A Quote by Susan Goodwin-Knol on growth, seek, and dream

Only as high as I can reach can I grow, only as far as I can seek can I go, only as deep as I can look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be

Susan Goodwin-Knol

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A Quote by unknown on seek, river, mountain, eternity, and dream

What you seek is located in the Mountain of Doom.  It lies across the River of Fire, and is guarded by the Dragons of Eternity.  It is there - only you can retrieve it.


Source: Unknown

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A Quote by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on peace, within, seek, monk, bhikkhu, without, and outside

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Buddha (563 - 483 BC)

Source: The Buddha's philosophy: selections from the Pali Canon and an introductory ...‎ - Page 63 by George Francis Allen

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A Quote by Marcel Proust on discovery, decouverte, chercher, seek, and vision

Le veritable voyage de decouverte ne consiste pas a chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais a  avoir de nouveaux yeux. (The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.)

Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)

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