A Quote by Kolbein Falkeid on blue, earth, eternity, life, light, sea, solitude, soul, and stars

Like the prodigal son
I return to you, the sea.
You who scare the idylls off
into tame inner fjords, bays and inlets
because you are much too majestic for weekend yachtsmen,
outboard motors and hobby anglers.
Without so much as a blink you swallow the sun
like a raw egg-yolk for supper
and at daybreak you lift heavy banks of cloud
dense with rain and squalls, a wet cloth
on sleep-heavy eyes and throbbing temples.
With the horizon like a diadem about your brows
you write your salt letters to the shore.
Land changes,
men and beasts come and go.
Only you
live your solitary life, the world's
blue eyes fixed on the stars and eternity.

If the Earth has a soul,
it swims in you.

Kolbein Falkeid

Source: Homecoming to the Sea

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A Quote by Åse-Marie Nesse on blue, life, light, and sea

There are no footprints on the sea
and no road-signs, not a single
guard-stone or post, and no
bends, only paths of light and dark
from which to choose, the choice is always
a difficult navigation
and the storm's wingspan immeasurable
as the depths and the horizon, but
the sea holds you in its mighty hand
your life is a sea-blue tale
of love and death.

Åse-Marie Nesse

Source: At Sea

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A Quote by Hans Børli on awareness, sea, and self

It must be those brief moments
when nothing has happened - nor is going to.
Tiny moments, like islands in the ocean
beyond the grey continent of our ordinary days.

There, sometimes, you meet your own heart
like someone you've never known.

Hans Børli

Source: Happiness...?

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A Quote by Lucille Lang Day on ladybugs, life, moon, nature, and sea

Rust-colored ladybugs, clustered like grapes,
mate on horsetails that wave by a creek,
where silvery salmon spawn and leap
when the sandbar breaks at the gate to the sea.

The ladybugs have come hundreds of miles,
from valley to coast, for this singles bash.
The females are choosy; they twiddle the males,
seeking appendages padded with fat.

And all around - high in redwood burls,
on elk-clover leaves, and in the rich soil -
the meaning of life is to stroke and prod
under a humpbacked moon, dissolving in fog.

Lucille Lang Day

Source: Muir Woods at Night

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A Quote by Rolf Edberg on life, sea, and self

In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple.  It is there we can see into ourselves.

Rolf Edberg

Source: Sea & Sky

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A Quote by Stein Mehren on blue, light, and sea

Daybreak; glowing, a sun rises
through the blue stem of the sea
shoots to the top, unfolds
And the sea's petals tremble.

Stein Mehren

Source: Dawn Breeze

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A Quote by Knut Hamsun on earth, light, nature, people, and sea

Earth and sea merged, the sea tossed itself in the air
in a fantastic dance, into the shapes of men
and horses and tattered banners.
I stood in the lee of an overhanging rock
and thought of many things.

Knut Hamsun

Source: The Nordic Light

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A Quote by Harald Sverdrup on blue, life, nature, and sea

I sing and I sing
a blue melody
when the sea which tumbles
my life in its storm
has sculpted me free
in its lulling calm
and eddied its form
in my restless blood.
I sing and I sing
a blue melody.

Harald Sverdrup

Source: Conch

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A Quote by Jimi Hendrix on jimi hendrix, jimi, angel, hendrix, sea, moon, and love

..the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea...

Jimi Hendrix

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A Quote by Stevie Nicks on change, love, life, sea, and youth

....the sea changes color, but the sea does not change.

Stevie Nicks

Source: Edge of Seventeen

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