A Quote by unknown on failure and sadness

i'm a fallen angel;
destined to fly. broken and crazy...
but too strong to cry


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A Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer on observations, sadness, and life

"SADNESSES OF THE INTELLECT: Sadness of being misunderstood [sic]; Humor sadness; Sadness of love wit[hou]t release; Sadne[ss of be]ing smart; Sadness of not knowing enough words to [express what you mean]; Sadness of having options; Sadness of wanting sadness; Sadness of confusion; Sadness of domes[tic]ated birds; Sadness of fini[shi]ng a book; Sadness of remembering; Sadness of forgetting; Anxiety sadness..."

Jonathan Safran Foer

Source: Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel

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A Quote by Jenna Stough on love, sadness, heartbreak, and losing

If you never jump, You will never know who is there to catch you.

Jenna Stough

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A Quote by Kahlil Gibran on sadness and grief

Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

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A Quote by Doctor Jones on happiness, enthusiasm, joy, love, sadness, apathy, despair, fear, and contagious

Happiness, enthusiasm, joy and love are just as contagious as sadness, apathy, despair and fear. Which will you spread?

Mark Jones

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A Quote by Mr. on sadness, good times, and mr prophet

Sad times, they're bound to pass. The trick is to make the good times last.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Song: No Time To Cry by Mr. Prophet

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