A Quote by unknown on hard, fighting, peace, and sacrifice

"Nothing worth having in life was ever gained easily."


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A Quote by Coretta Scott King on humanity, sacrifice, love, and life

"When you are willing to make sacrifices for a great cause, you will never be alone."

Coretta King

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A Quote by Ayn Rand on enjoyment, joy, sharing, pleasure, fair trade, and sacrifice

Hank, I want nothing from you except what you wish to give me.  Do you remember that you called me a trader once?  I want you to come to me seeking nothing but your own enjoyment.  So long as you wish to remain married, whatever your reason, I have no right to resent it.  My way of trading is to know that the joy you give me is paid for by the joy you get from me - not by your suffering or mine.  I don't accept sacrifices and I don't make them.  If you asked me for more than you meant to me, I would refuse.  If you asked me to give up the railroad, I'd leave you.  If ever the pleasure of one has to be bought by the pain of the other, there better be no trade at all.  A trade by which one gains and the other loses is a fraud.  You don't do it in business, Hank.  Don't do it in your own life.

Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

Source: Atlas Shrugged, Pages: 425

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A Quote by Aldous Leonard Huxley on high art, sacrifice, stability, and happiness

"But that's the price we have to pay for stability. You've got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high art. We've sacrificed the high art. We have the feelies and the scent organ instead."

Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)

Source: Brave New World, Pages: 220

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A Quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan on god, sacrifice, and music

I gave up my music because I had received from it all I had to receive. To serve God one must sacrifice the dearest thing, and I sacrificed my music, the dearest thing to me.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Source: The Mysticism of Sound and Music (Shambhala Dragon Editions)

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A Quote by James Allen on achievement, progress, and sacrifice

There can be no progress, no achievement without sacrifice.

James Allen (1864 - 1912)

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A Quote by Dr. Deepak Chopra on effort, force, ideas, possibility, and sacrifice

The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.

Deepak Chopra

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A Quote by Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill on children, crisis, future, home, honor, hope, hospitals, lies, play, preachers, sacrifice, scientists, service, struggle, time, victory, war, women, and world

This is no time to speak of the hopes of the future, or the broader world which lies beyond our struggles and our victory. We have to win that world for our children. We have to win it by our sacrifices. We have not won it yet. The crisis is upon us. . . . In this strange, terrible world war there is a place for everyone, man and woman, old and young, hale and halt; service in a thousand forms is open. There is no room now for the dilettante, the weakling, for the shirker, or the sluggard. The mine, the factory, the dockyard, the salt sea waves, the fields to till, the home, the hospital, the chair of the scientist, the pulpit of the preacher - from the highest to the humblest tasks, all are of equal honor; all have their part to play.

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Source: Speech to the Canadian Senate and House of Commons, Ottawa, December 30, 1941

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A Quote by William Wordsworth on confidence, reason, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, spirit, and truth

Give unto me, made lowly wise, The spirit of self-sacrifice; The confidence of reason give, And in the light of truth thy bondman let me live!

William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

Source: Ode to Duty.

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A Quote by William Tyler Page on adoption, america, belief, constitution, country, democracy, duty, enemies, equality, fortune, freedom, government, humanity, justice, laws, life, love, nations, people, principles, respect, sacrifice, and support

The American's Creed adopted by the House of Representatives, April 3, 1918 I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom; equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend if against all enemies.

William Tyler Page (1868 - 1942)

Source: The American's Creed was a result of a nationwide contest for writing a National Creed

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