rightful inheritance

A Quote by Jed McKenna on rightful inheritance and human potential

     Once unshackled from the life-sucking demands of ego, we clearly see the unformed creatures we had hitherto been, like children.  Not children in the happy, lyrical sense, but in the abrasive, self-absorbed, discordant sense.  What we consider bright and beautiful in children is the inherent nature of the fully developed human.  Our true state is one of playfulness, innocence, lack of guilt, unboundedness of spirit, robust health and inner light, a natural confidence and unerring sense of right, imperturbability, grace, a calm eye and easy good humor, balance, fgreedom from malice and pettiness, the absence of fear, the presence of largesse and a permeating sense of gratitude.  Creativity.  Connectedness.  Correctness.  This is the clear and rightful state of the human being.  One must die of the flesh to be born of the spirit.  One's life energy, formerly squandered by ego, can then be turned to the higher purposes and potentials of life in the magnificent amusement park of duality.

Jed McKenna

Source: Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, p 98

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