A Quote by Louis ‘Satchmo' Armstrong on music and retirement

Musicians don't retire: they stop when there's no more music left in them.

Louis Armstrong (1900 - 1971)

Source: Louis Armstrong

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A Quote by George Burns on george burns, retirement, and stay young

Age to me means nothing.  I can't get old; I'm working.  I was old when I was twenty-one and out of work.  As long as you're working you stay young.  Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous.  When I was sixty-five I still had pimples.

George Burns (1896 - 1996)

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A Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca on improvement, learning, people, and retirement

Retire into yourself as much as possible. Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those whom you are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one. People learn as they teach.

Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD)

Source: Letters from a Stoic

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A Quote by William George Jordan on control, glory, humanity, individuality, retirement, self-control, strength, welfare, and world

The man who is calm does not selfishly isolate himself from the world, for he is intensely interested in all the concerns the welfare of humanity. His calmness is but a Holy of Holies into which he can retire from the world to get strength to live in the world. He realizes that the full glory of individuality, the crowning of his self-control is the majesty of calmness.

William Jordan

Source: The Majesty of Calmness, p. 12

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A Quote by William Congreve on custom, retirement, and scandal

Retired to their tea and scandal, according to their ancient custom.

William Congreve (1670 - 1729)

Source: The Double Dealer, 1694

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A Quote by Thomas Whately on circumstances, imagination, peace, regret, retirement, romance, style, and water

Water . . . which, though not absolutely necessary to a beautiful composition, yet occurs so often, and is so capital a feature, that is is always regretted when wanting; and no large place can be supposed, a little spot can hardly be imagined in which it may not be agreeable; it accommodates itself to every situation; is the most interesting object in a landscape, and the happiest circumstance in a retired recess; captivates the eye at a distance; invites approach, and is delightful when near; it refreshes an open exposure; it animates a shade; cheers the dreariness of a waste, and enriches the most crowded view; in form, in style, and in extent, may be made equal to the greatest compositions, or adapted to the least; it may spread in a calm expanse to sooth the tranquillity of a peaceful scene; or hurrying along a devious course, add splendor to a gay, and extravagance to a romantic situation.

Thomas Whately

Source: Observations on Modern Gardening, 1770

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A Quote by Thomas Jefferson on retirement

Whether I retire to bed early or late, I rise with the sun. [Mr. Jefferson rose early everyday for 50 years.]

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

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A Quote by Thomas Bailey Aldrich on age, books, day, praise, and retirement

Books that have become classics - books that have had their day and now get more praise than perusal - always remind me of retired colonels and majors and captains who, having reached the age limit, find themselves retired on half pay.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836 - 1907)

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A Quote by Sir Thomas Beecham on angels, business, children, christmas, earth, education, fatherhood, good, justice, mercy, music, peace, retirement, study, and women

'My father,' Beecham confided, 'came to me one Christmas and said, "Look, here, my lad, I've been spendin' a lot o' brass on your musical education, and now Ah wants you to help me." (Every year Beecham's Pills produced a Christmas Carol Annual). "Now Tom," continued my father, "I want you to go through the Annual and alter some of th' verses so as to promote th' business."' Thomas retired to his study and came up with the following: Hark! the herald angels sing! Beecham's Pills are just the thing, Two for a woman one for a child. . . . Peace on Earth and mercy mild! 'These sentiments,' Beecham related, 'especially the ellipsis, seem to me admirably to express the rapture which is occasioned by a good effortless release.'

Sir Thomas Beecham (1879 - 1961)

Source: Neville Cardus:Autobiography

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A Quote by Shannon Fife on age, children, people, and retirement

The hardest people to convince they are at retirement age are children at bedtime.

Shannon Fife

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