A Quote by Denis Waitely on happy, plan, action, and result

 "Happy people plan actions, they don't plan results."

Denis Waitely

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A Quote by unknown on result


Prayer plus no action will leed to no result.


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A Quote by The Talmud on controversy, god, and result

Any controversy waged in the service of God shall in the end be of lasting worth, but any that is not shall in the end lead to no permanent result.

The Talmud

Source: Talmud - Mishna Pirkei Avot 5:20

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on healing, health, illness, disease, sickness, compassion, understanding, culture, treats, treatment, challenge, condemnation, moral judgement, person, grow, heal, enriched, result, better chance, process, larger process, movement,

If a culture treats a particular illness with compassion and enlightened understanding, then sickness can be seen as a challenge, as a healing crisis and opportunity. Being sick is then not a condemnation or a moral judgement, but a movement in a larger process of healing and restoration. When sickness is viewed positively and in supportive terms, then illness has a much better chance to heal, with the concomitant result that the entire person may grown and be enriched in the process. ~ Ken Wilber ~

Ken Wilber

Source: The Essential Ken Wilber: An Introductory Reader.

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