A Quote by Steven Wright on people and rest

I saw a sign: "Rest Area 25 Miles". That's pretty big. Some people must be really tired.

Steven Wright (1955 -)

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A Quote by Sogyal Rinpoche on certainty, correction, doubt, effort, mind, nature, needs, questions, rest, and understanding

{While meditating} I sit quietly and rest in the nature of mind; I don't question or doubt whether I am in the "correct" state or not. There is no effort, only rich understanding, wakefulness, and unshakable certainty. When I am in the nature of mind, the ordinary mind is no longer there. There is no need to sustain or confirm a sense of being: I simply am.

Sogyal Rinpoche

Source: Sogyal Rinpoche in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993, p. 63

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A Quote by Sir William Davenant on blush, design, god, heaven, interest, losing, men, praise, prayer, rest, sacrifice, and world

Praise and Prayer PRAISE is devotion fit for mighty minds, The diff'ring world's agreeing sacrifice; Where Heaven divided faiths united finds: But Prayer in various discord upward flies. For Prayer the ocean is where diversely Men steer their course, each to a sev'ral coast; Where all our interests so discordant be That half beg winds by which the rest are lost. By Penitence when we ourselves forsake, 'Tis but in wise design on piteous Heaven; In Praise we nobly give what God may take, And are, without a beggar's blush, forgiven.

Sir William Davenant (1606 - 1668)

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A Quote by Sir Walter Scott on danger, dreams, rest, sleep, and soldiers

Soldier rest! thy warfare o'er, Sleep the sleep thast knows not breaking, Dream of battled fields no more, Days of danger, nights of waking.

Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832)

Source: Lady of the Lake. 1810, Canto i. Stanza 31.

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A Quote by Sir Walter Scott on day and rest


Then hush thee, my darling, take rest while you may, For strife comes with manhood, and waking with day.

Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832)

Source: Lullaby of an Infant Chief

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A Quote by Sir Isaac Newton on age, certainty, difficulty, nature, and rest

To explain all nature is too difficult a task for any one man or even for any one age. 'Tis much better to do a little with certainty, and leave the rest for others that come after you, than to explain all things.

Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727)

Source: G. Simmons Calculus Gems, New York: McGraw Hill Inc., 1992.

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A Quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on libraries and rest

A man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where he can get it if he wants it.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930)

Source: Adv. of Sherlock Holmes: Five Orange Pips

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A Quote by Sigmund Freud on rest


The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing.

Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)

Source: The Future of an Illusion

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A Quote by Shana Alexander on good, idealism, illusions, rest, and sleep

A plane is a bad place for an all-out sleep, but a good place to begin rest and recovery from the trip to the faraway places you've been, a decompression chamber between Here and There. Though a plane is not the ideal place really to think, to reassess or reevaluate things, it is a great place to have the illusion of doing so, and often the illusion will suffice.

Shana Alexander (1925 -)

Source: The Feminine Eye, 1966

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A Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca on mind, relaxation, rest, and work

The mind should be allowed some relaxation, that it may return to its work all the better for the rest.

Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD)

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