relative bodhicitta

A Quote by Francisco J. Varela on compassion, sunyata, emptiness, bodhicitta, relative bodhicitta, and absolute bodhicitta

When dicussing wisdom from the point of view of  compassion, the Sanskrit term often used is bodhicitta, which has been variously translated as "enlightened mind," "the heart of the enlightened state of mind," or simply "awakened heart."  Bodhicitta is said to have two aspects, one absolute and one relative.  Absolute bodhicitta is the term applied to whatever state is considered ultimate or fundamental in a given Buddhist tradition - the experience of the groundlessness of sunyata or the (positively defined) sudden glimpse of the natural, awake state itself.  Relative bodhicitta is that fundamental warmth toward teh phenomenal world that practitioners report arises from absolute experience and that manifests iteself as concern for the welfare of others beyond merely naive compassion.

Francisco J. Varela

Source: The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience, Pages: 249..250

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