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He may be a part of my thoughts, but he is not a part of my plans.

yvette Soler

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A Quote by Marianne Williamson on love and relationships

Surrendering means, by definition, giving up attachment to results.  When we surrender to God, we let go of our attachment to how things happen on the outside and we become more concerned with what happens on the inside.

When we love, we are automatically placing ourselves within an attitudinal and behavioral context that leads to an unfoldment of events at the highest level of good for everyone involved. We don't always know what that unfoldment would look like, but we don't need to.  God will do his part if we do ours.  Our only job in every situation is to merely let go our our resistance to love.

Relationships are assignments.  They are part of a vast plan for our enlightment, the Holy Spirit's blueprint by which each individual soul is led to greater awareness and expanded love. He brings together people who have the maximal opportunity for mutual growth. No meetings are accidental.

In the holy relationship, it's understood that we all have unhealed places, and that healing is the purpose of our being with another person. We don't try to hide our weaknesses, but rather we understand that the relationship is a context for healing through mutual forgiveness. Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of Eden but not embarrassed. That doesn't mean they were physically naked. It means they were emotionally naked, totally real and honest, yet they were not embarrassed because they felt accepted completely for who they were.

Marianne Williamson

Source: A Return to Love

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                                            Muscle Man

     A husband and wife had been married for many years. The husband had long since passed his prime and rarely exercised. He still liked to think of himself as a handsome, well built man. One day, his wife touched his belly, which had expanded several inches, and said "Flabby".

     The man took this statement to heart and resolved to do something about it. He detested exercise. The next time he saw her hand move towards him he tensed his muscles. She didn't say he was flabby. Over time, the man developed the habit of tensing up whenever his wife's hand moved towards his body.

     One day the wife decided to test her husband.  She moved her hand towards his shoulder, he tensed up. it was rock hard. She moved her hand towards his arm. He tensed up there too, she giggled. She moved her hand to his buttocks, he tensed up there too. She giggled again. Her hand gently roamed toward the back of his thigh. He tensed up there too. She laughed.

Then, with a twinkle in his eye, he said "How do you like your muscle man?"

"I wish the man I was feeling was the man I was married to." She replied with a smirk.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: Slices of Life, By Mr. Prophet

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A Quote by Danyal C. Mitchell on relationships


People's emotions are a tricky game to play with;

Try winning the game without cheating

Danyal Mitchell

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A Quote by White Eagle on truth, sincerity, loving, and relationships

Be true and sincere and loving in your human relationships.

White Eagle

Source: The Quiet Mind

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You kiss the back of my neck

I'm spinning to the ground

You run your strong fingers down my back

I can't hear a sound

You whisper things to me

So sweet I can taste your words

You're so close to me

I can feel our souls touching

You draw circles in my palm

Your love warms me to my toes, this I will never forget.

You loved me even if it was only for a minute

I hold onto that minute every night

You needed me even if only for a moment

I still hold onto that moment inside.

Christina Pagliarulo

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A Quote by Bernice J Reagon on mothering, nurturing, relationships, and universe

Mothering/nurturing is a vital force and process establishing relationships throughout the universe.

Bernice Reagon

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A Quote by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim on truth, reality, ego, self, relationships, and humaity

"For us in the West, it is more important that a new worldly form should emerge from true nature and witness to Being...than that the ego should dissolve in true nature and in Being"

Karlfried Karlfried Dürckheim

Source: Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

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