A Quote by Si vis pacem on peace, war, reality, and life

"If you want peace, prepare for war!"

Si vis pacem

Source: Flavius Vegetius Renatus (ca 390 AD) in Epitoma rei Militaris

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A Quote by Dave Matthews on dream and reality

Just knowing that the world is round
Here I'm dancing on the ground
Am I right side up or upside down?
Is this real or am I dreaming?

Dave Matthews

Source: Crush

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A Quote by Kandra Gardner on soul mate, soulmate, affinity, allures, reality, and delusion

"A soul mate is one with whom you have a graceful affinity and while allures, too profound to value as anything more than chance. They may reappear from time to time as a delusion when indeed they are reality."

Kandra J Gardner

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A Quote by Adi Da Samraj on god and reality

There is only God.  REALITY is God and has never required your belief.  This reality no "one" survives.  In Ultimate Reality no "one" is saved either -- there is simply nothing to save you "from" :  you have not emerged from any "other" and there is no place else for "you" to disappear into.  Ever.

Adi Da Samraj

Source: paraphrased Wisdom Teaching

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A Quote by Epicurus on god, faith, religion, evil, atheism, truth, reality, intelligence, presence, enlightenment, and motivation


If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to


 Then he is not omnipotent.


If he is able, but not willing

 Then he is malevolent.


If he is both able and willing

 Then whence cometh evil?


If he is neither able nor willing

 Then why call him God?

Epicurus (c. 341 - c. 270 BC)

Source: The Riddle of Epicurus or Epicurean Paradox

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A Quote by Jake Colsen on illusion, reality, and control

"Most people live by their illusions. Never let mere appearances become your reality."

"The hardest thing you'll learn in this journey is to give up the illusion of controlling your own life"

Jake Colsen

Source: So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, Pages: 59, 78

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A Quote by Shirley Jackson on organism, live, exist, reality, and absolute

No live organism can continue for long to exist under conditions of absolute reality.

Shirley Jackson

Source: The Haunting of Hill House (1959)

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on reality, unreality, ontology, truth, observation, awareness, consciousness, masks, persona, and existentialism

Ever since learning I wasn’t the only unreal person in the world, I’d developed an annoying habit of studying people to determine their true ontological status. I studied people in class, the library, the cafeteria, my dorm, around campus, while running the Gargoyle Castle Loop. Now, under the influence of acid, I began to suspect everyone was unreal. That behind all the masks and makeup, the smiles and laughter, the quips and repartees, there was a good chance of finding absolutely nothing.

Sol Luckman

Source: The Toy Buddha: Book II of the Beginner's Luke Series (The Beginner's Luke Series), Pages: 25..25

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A Quote by Mr. on work, dreams, reality, and mr prophet


Work can turn dreams into reality.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Mr. Prophet speaks

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A Quote by Mr. on planning, plan, plans, dreams, and reality


Planning can make dreams into reality.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Mr. Prophet speaks

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