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 And we come back again to the same question, if God is guilty or not for the loss of the Sacred Self of the man at that time.
We cannot speak of the Free Will, because man has neither Will nor Knowledge, unless it is at an imaginative level, in its own dream of the Illusion of Life.
If we cannot speak of Free Will, does this mean that man did not have the possibility to choose?
No, man didn't have the possibility to choose.
Man only had the possibility to be chosen by the Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one.
If he was chosen, could he have been chose to lose at the roulette of his own life against himself, thus loosing his Sacred Self?
I do not think God, or as I call him, the Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one wished man to lose, because he would have probably not created him in the first place, as I do not think it was a mistake of the creation, when man was conceived in the Intended Mists of Destiny.
All that I think is that Man at that time precisely because of the divinity within him called Love!
He lost because Love in reference to Knowledge is something completely different.
If this is no, why didn't our Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one leave his print on another type of attribute of creation which was not a mere Image or a Mirror, since the Matrix Word of Knowledge is in fact the Matrix Word of the Mirror in reality.

Sorin Cerin

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