A Quote by Joel S. Goldsmith on man, power, destruction, awareness, god, and realisation

"Man is always seeking a power, a power to overcome something or destroy something; and therefore he is not living in the awareness of God, because in the realization of the presence of God there is no need to overcome, to destroy, or to do anything."

Joel S. Goldsmith

Source: Beyind Words And Thoughts, Pg. 24

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A Quote by Evan Pritchard on realisation, milestone, god, plateau, and here and there

"God realization is not a milestone, but a long road that leads nowhere. It is in vain to make claims you are going to "get there" because once you reach this plateau you have never been more "just here" before."

Evan Pritchard

Source: "The Temple Within", p. 149

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A Quote by Michael Murphy on spirituality, vision, realisation, enlightenment, and evolution

Spiritual practice is evolving; vision is evolving; realisation is evolving. Enlightenment itself is evolving.

Michael Murphy

Source: What is Enlightenment? magazine

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