A Quote by Daniel Wheeler on brotherhood, quakers, and unity

"every country my country, and every man my brother."

Daniel Wheeler

Source: Quaker Faith and Practice

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A Quote by Catherine Whitmire on superfluities, simplicity, clear-seeing, friends, quakers, and society of friends

It may surprise some of us to hear that the first generation of Friends did not have a testimony for simplicity. They came upon a faith which cut to the root of the way they saw life, radically reorienting it. They saw that all they did must flow directly from what they experienced as true, and that if it did not, both the knowing and the doing became false. In order to keep the knowledge clear and the doing true, they stripped away anything which seemed to get in the way. They called those things superfluities, and it is this radical process of stripping for clear-seeing which we now term simplicity. - Frances Irene Tober, 1985

Catherine Whitmire

Source: Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity, Pages: 21

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