A Quote by Samael Aun Weor on self-knowledge, spirituality, awakening, enlightenment, life, and psychology

When we have many things within ourselves which are neither known nor accepted, then such things complicate our lives horrifyingly, and in fact provoke all sorts of situations which could be avoided through knowledge of ourselves.

Samael Aun Weor

Source: The Great Rebellion, and the site

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A Quote by St. Andrew of Crete on god, spirit, soul, thoughts, psychology, freedom, forgiveness, christianity, and spirituality

Arise my soul, and review your deeds which have preceeded from you.  Scrutinize them closely, and shed the rain of your tears, declaring openly to Christ your thoughts and deeds, so that you may be justified.

Saint Andrew of Crete

St. Andrew

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints.

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A Quote by Gerontissa Makrina on god, spirituality, christianity, forgiveness, healing, love, psychology, peace, and truth

Continually forgive others.  Forgive AT ONCE, not one second latter, not one half second later, because if you hesitate to forgive, jealousy comes in the door, then hatred and envy.  Forgive instantly as Christ forgives instantly.

Gerontissa Makrina

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints

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A Quote by St. Nicolai Vilimirovich on god, patience, forgiveness, joy, love, spirituality, psychology, and transcendent

Patience, forgiveness and joy are the three greatest characteristics of divine love.  They are characteristics of all real love - if there is such a thing as real love outside of divine love.  Without these three characteristics, love is not love.  If you give the name 'love' to anything else, it is as though you were giving the name 'sheep' to a goat or a pig.

Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

Nicolai Vilimirovich

Source: Daily Lives, Miracles and Wisdom of the Saints.

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A Quote by Sigmund Freud on complexes, psychology, acceptance, and self

A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get in accord with them, for they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world.

Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)

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A Quote by Caroline Myss on life, psychology, desire, soul, purpose, and meaning

I am convinced that the deepest desire within each of us is to be liberated from the controlling influences of our own psychic madness or patterns of fear. All other things--the disdain of ordinary life, the need to control others rather than be controlled, the craving for material goods as a means of security and protection against the winds of chaos--are external props that serve as substitutes for the real battle, which is the one waged within the individual soul.

Caroline Myss

Source: Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, Pages: 72

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A Quote by Mark Epstein on self, buddhism, and psychology

The central premise of this book is that the Western psychological notion of what it means to have a self is flawed.

Mark Epstein

Source: Going to Pieces without Falling Apart: A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness

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A Quote by Robert Grudin on time, psychology, and space

Psychologically time is seldom homogenous but rather is as full of shapes as space.

Robert Grudin

Source: Time and the Art of Living, Pages: 3

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A Quote by Anthony De Mello on cure, pain, relief, psychology, suffering, success, and life

Most people tell you they want to get out of kindergarten, but don't believe them. Don't believe them! All they want you to do is to mend their broken toys. "Give me back my wife. Give me back my job. Give me back my money. Give me back my reputation, my success." This is what they want; they want their toys replaced. That's all. Even the best psychologist will tell you that, that people don't really want to be cured. What they want is relief; a cure is painful.

Anthony De Mello

Source: Awareness

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A Quote by Herman van Staden on psychology, mentoring, personal growth, and personal development

Please do not confuse me with a shrink….  I am a stretch.

Herman van Staden

Source: Herman v Staden – Auxanõ - Emotional Health & Fitness © 2008

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