A Quote by Ken Schoolland on freedom, liberty, property, time, life, future, present, past, prosperity, and voluntary exchange

A product of your life and liberty is your property. Property is the fruit of your labor, the product of your time, energy, and talents. It is that part of nature that you turn to valuable use. And it is the property of others that is given to you by voluntary exchange and mutual consent. Two people who exchange property voluntarily are both better off or they wouldn't do it. Only they may rightfully make that decision for themselves.

Ken Schoolland

Source: The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, A Free Market Odyssey - Epilogue (

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A Quote by Daniel Goleman on prosperity, prestige, happiness in life, academic abilities, emotional intelligence, and personal destiny

. "Even though a high IQ is no guarantee of prosperity, prestige,
or happiness in life, our schools and our culture fixate on
academic abilities, ignoring the emotional intelligence that also
matters immensely for our personal destiny."

Daniel Goleman

Source: My diary

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A Quote by Robert Russell on prosperity and i am


Robert Russell

Source: You Too Can Be Prosperous

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A Quote by Ernest D. Chu on abundance, consciousness, and prosperity

You never have to settle for 'playing the cards you were dealt.' Because your beliefs influence your choices, everything in your life, including how you earn a living, how much money you generate, and how fulfilled you feel, is a reflection of your inner landscape of beliefs. Your life results from your intentions, imagination, and willingness to let Divine Spirit flow through you and your endeavors.

Ernest (Ernie) Chu

Source: Soul Currency: The Secret of Being Well Paid for Doing What Really Fulfills You (to be published 2008 by New World Library)

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A Quote by Socrates on human affairs, stable, prosperity, and adversity

Remember that there is nothing stable in human affairs; therefore avoid undue elation in prosperity, or undue depression in adversity.

Socrates (469 - 399 BC)

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A Quote by Eric Butterworth on prosperity, consciousness, community, and economics

And even one life that bears witness to the truth of the prosperity law will quicken the consciousness of the whole community.

Eric Butterworth

Source: Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity

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A Quote by Wayne Dyer on success, wealth, wealthy, abundance, prosperity, and successful

Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.

Wayne Dyer


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A Quote by David Bornstein on breakthrough, prosperity, and freedom

The prosperity of the second half of the twentieth century was both a cause and an effect of social and scientific breakthroughs that have redefined human life. The biggest change is simply that people live longer and have far more freedom to think about things other than staying alive.

David Bornstein

Source: How to Change the World : Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas , Pages: 6

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A Quote by Eric Butterworth on consciousness, wealth, and prosperity

The secret of achieving prosperity lies in so vividly keeping yourself centered in the inner focus of affluence that you literally exude the consciousness of it.

Eric Butterworth

Source: Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity, Pages: 57

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A Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca on adversity, fortune, habits, justice, power, prosperity, time, and trust

Cling tooth and nail to the following rule: Not to give in to adversity, never to trust prosperity, and always to take full note of fortune's habit of behaving just as she pleases, treating her as if she were actually going to do everything it is in her power to do. Whatever you have been expecting for some time comes as less of a shock.

Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD)

Source: Letters from a Stoic

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