A Quote by Ewald B. Nyquist on equality and promotion

Equality is not when a female Einstein gets promoted to assistant professor. Equality is when a female schlemiel moves ahead as fast as a male schlemiel.

Ewald B. Nyquist

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A Quote by David. J. Schwartz, PhD on jobs, promotion, and present

Get the big view of your job. Think, really think your present job is important. That next promotion depends mostly on how you think toward your present job.

David. J. Schwartz

Source: The Magic of Thinking Big

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A Quote by Ambrose Gwinett Bierce on hope, politics, promotion, and world

REPRESENTATIVE, n. In national politics, a member of the Lower House in this world, and without discernible hope of promotion in the next.

Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914)

Source: The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

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A Quote by Alfred the Great on clarity, education, foolishness, life, promotion, understanding, wishes, and world

He promoted the education of the parish clergy and wrote: He seems to me a very foolish man, and very wretched, who will not increase his understanding while he is in the world, and ever wish and long to reach that endless life where all shall be made clear.

Alfred the Great (849 - 899)

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A Quote by Alan Mathison Turing on behavior, company, justice, mediocrity, presidency, and promotion

Bell Labs Cafeteria, New York, 1943: His high pitched voice already stood out above the general murmur of well-behaved junior executives grooming themselves for promotion within the Bell corporation. Then he was suddenly heard to say: "No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company."

Alan Turing (1912 - 1954)

Source: Andrew Hodges, Alan Turing the Enigma of Intelligence, Unwin Hyman, London, 1983

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