A Quote by Marco Morrow on listening, love, privilege, and universe

It is a glorious privilege to live, to know, to act, to listen, to behold, to love. To look up at the blue summer sky;to see the sun sink slowly beyond the line of the horizon; to watch the worlds come twinkling into view, first one by one, and the myriads that no man can count, and lo! the universe is white with them; and you and I are here.

Marco Morrow

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A Quote by Lorenzo Snow on age, blessings, business, desires, duty, earth, good, happiness, honor, life, mortality, opportunity, order, privilege, and purpose

Among us, I am happy to say, old age is honorable, and regarded as a blessing from the Lord. It is our duty to desire to live long upon the earth, that we may do as much good as we possibly can. I esteem it a great privilege to have the opportunity of living in mortality. The Lord has sent us here "for a wise and glorious purpose," and it should be our business to find out what that purpose is and then to order our lives accordingly.

Lorenzo Snow (1814 - 1901)

Source: Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, p. 94.

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A Quote by Joseph F. Smith on blessings, children, colors, god, mankind, men, power, privilege, and world

God has given to all men an agency and has granted to us the privilege to serve him or serve him not, to do that which is right or that which is wrong, and this privilege is given to all men irrespective of creed, color or condition. The wealthy have this agency, the poor have this agency, and no man is deprived by any power of God from exercising it in the fullest and in the freest manner. This agency has been given to all. This is a blessing that God has bestowed upon the world of mankind, upon all his children alike.

Joseph F. Smith (1838 - 1918)

Source: Journal of Discourses 24:175.

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A Quote by Joseph Addison on age, greatness, posterity, and privilege

It is the privilege of posterity to set matters right between those antagonists who, by their rivalry for greatness, divided a whole age.

Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719)

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A Quote by Johnny Blood on death, privilege, and retirement

We professional athletes are very lucky. Unlike most mortals, we are given the privilege of dying twice - once when we retire and again when death takes us.

Johnny Blood

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A Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith on destruction, people, privilege, and risk

People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage.

John Galbraith (1908 -)

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A Quote by Jean de La Bruyére on laughter, men, and privilege

To laugh at men of sense is the privilege of fools.

Jean de La Bruyere (1645 - 1696)

Source: Les Caractéres, 1688

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A Quote by J. B. Phillips on attitude, existence, losing, mind, preparation, privilege, proof, quality, reading, and spirituality

This astonishing sense of spiritual attack which, it seems to me, must inevitably follow the continual reading of the four Gospels, without preconception but with an alert mind, is not the sole privilege of the translator. It can happen to anyone who is prepared to abandon proof-texts and a closed attitude of mind, and allow not merely the stories but the quality of the Figure Who exists behind the stories to meet him afresh. Neat snippets of a few verses are of course useful in their way, but the overall sweep and much of the significance of the Gospel narratives are lost to us unless we are prepared to read the Gospels through, not once but several times.

J. B. Phillips (1906 - 1982)

Source: New Testament Christianity

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A Quote by Isabella Beeton on civilization, leadership, nations, privilege, and progress

Dining is the privilege of civilization. . . . The nation which knows how to dine has learnt the leading lesson of progress.

Isabella Beeton (1836 - 1865)

Source: The Book of Household Management

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A Quote by Hosea Ballou on divinity, humility, privilege, and worship

The act of divine worship is the inestimable privilege of man, the only created being who bows in humility and adoration.

Hosea Ballou (1771 - 1852)

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