A Quote by Masahisa Goi on god, life, universe, and principle

What is God?  God is the great life that fills the universe;  it is the principle of life aswell.

Masahisa Goi

Source: One who Unites Heaven and Earth

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A Quote by Dee Hock on purpose, principle, and organization

Your organization needs to be absolutely clear about purpose and principles and must be very careful to know what a purpose and a principle is—you know, a purpose is not an objective, it's not a mission statement—a purpose is an unambiguous expression of that which people jointly wish to become. And a principle is not a platitude—it is a fundamental belief about how you intend to conduct yourself in pursuit of that purpose. You have to get very precise about these things. If the purpose and principles are constructive and healthy, then your organization will take a very different form than anything that you ever imagined. It will release the human spirit and will be constructive of the biosphere. Natural capital and human capital will be released in abundance and monetary capital will become relatively unimportant. To put it another way, I believe that purpose and principle, clearly understood and articulated, and commonly shared, are the genetic code of any healthy organization.

Dee Hock

Source: WIE: Business Transformation Through Chaos Theory:

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A Quote by Ernest Holmes on life, power, god, and principle

We are not depending on a reed shaken by the wind, but on the Priniciple of Life Itself, for all that we have or ever shall need.  It is not some Power, or a great Power, it is all power.

Ernest Holmes

Source: The Science of Mind, page 302

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A Quote by David Berman on principle, words, knowledge, and consequence

Unless we take care to clear the first principles of knowledge from the incumbrance and delusion of words, we may make infinite reasonings upon them to no purpose. We may deduce consequences, and never be the wiser.

David Berman

Source: Berkeley: The Great Philosophers (The Great Philosophers Series) (Great Philosophers (Routledge (Firm))), Pages: 42

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A Quote by Ralph Waldo Trine on possibility, individuality, power, truth, and principle

There are many who are living far below their possibilities because they are continually handing over their individualities to others.  Do you want to be a power in the world?  Then be yourself.  Be true to to the highest within your soul and then allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principle.

Ralph Waldo Trine (1866 -)

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