A Quote by Rob Brezsny on prayer, soul mates, longing, enunciation, clarity, and humor

If you bury your face in your tear-stained pillow and beg God to please send you your soul mate, may you not slur your words in such a way that they sound like "cell mate."

Rob Brezsny

Source: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings, Pages: 258

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A Quote by The Lady on prayer and meditation

The real purpose of prayer and meditation is to travel deeply enough within yourself to attract the presence of God.

The Lady

Source: Prayers for the World from The Lady

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A Quote by Henric C. Jensen on foundation, torah, respect, and prayer

We all start small. We pray and pick up what mitzvot we can practice. We respect each other and do right by others. We strive to learn what G-d wants from us through Torah study - and suddenly we are all part of the foundation on which the world is built.

Henric Jensen

Source: SoB's Take on Pirke Avot - Bits and Bobs -

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A Quote by Pablo Neruda on praise, excellence, and prayer

Without doubt I praise the wild excellence...

Pablo Neruda (1904 - 1973)

Source: Winter Garden (A Kagean Book) (Spanish Edition), Pages: 15 (Modestly)

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A Quote by Ebenezer Teigaga on love, life, and prayer

Why do we need to pray?
Is God already not aware of of what's going on? Why must we bring something He already knows of, before Him? Is He not sovereign enough to handle things without us praying?

Sure God is truely sovereign. Infact, He's Almighty and All-knowing. He is the Creator of the whole universe.
But as sovereign as God is, He also respects our choices because, when He willed the earth to man, He also gave him the freedom of choice. He did not construct us as robots so He could manipulate us, but He made us to reason and act by ourselves, so that our relationship with Him would be a genuine one. This means that God does not impose His will on us.

For God to interfere in the afairs of man, He needs man's invitation. This is why He sometimes reveals to warn us concerning things yet to occur; why wouldn't He go ahead to take care of things without telling us?
He tells us so we could do something about it, so we could effect the necessary changes.  How? Through prayer.

As Christians, God has given us the power of attorney to use the Name of Jesus to rule and reign in this earth, and to cause every situation and circumstance to conform to His Word spoken concerning us and those around us. We do this by using that authority to declare words of power into the situation we want to change, because Christ has made us kings and priests unto God, and where the word of a king is, there is power.
And as priests, we minister to God on behalf of the world. He made us priests so through us He can touch the world. He also gave us His Holy Spirit to sanctify our words of prayer so they would be acceptable unto Him.
This is why it is very vital for us as Christians not to neglect our role of intercession on behalf of others. Sometimes as the Holy Spirit of God inspires us in our prayers, we get to pray for people and situations we don't even know of. This is why some people experience the divine intervention of God in their situations without they necessarily praying. 
The otherwise sometimes happens due to someone's disobedience to God's prompt to pray- we are the salt of the earth.

Ebenezer Teigaga

Source: Holy Spirit of God

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A Quote by Robert Holden on prayer, heart, and change

There is a prayer that lives in the center of your heart. If you pray it, it will change your life. How does it begin?

Robert Holden

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A Quote by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith on prayer and gratitude

The enlightened give thanks for what most people take for granted....
As you begin to be grateful for what most people take for granted, the vibration of gratitude makes you more receptive to good in your life.

Michael Beckwith

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A Quote by masami saionji on prayer, intellect, and experiencing the moment

Focus on the moment, not when you are praying with your intellect, but when you are fully experiencing the prayer

masami saionji

Source: Daily Reflections (8)

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A Quote by The Urantia Book on prayer, spirit, tranquility, and patience

Pray for tranquility of spirit and cultivate patience.

The Urantia Book

Source: Urantia Book

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A Quote by Neale Donald Walsch on prayer, thought, statement, feeling, and creative

Every prayer - every thought, every statement, every feeling - is creative.

Neale Donald Walsch

Source: Conversations with God

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