A Quote by James Anthony Froude on belief and practicality

The practical effect of a belief is the real test of its soundness.

James Anthony Froude (1818 - 1894)

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A Quote by Jacques Hadamard on civilization, practicality, principles, and progress

Practical application is found by not looking for it, and one can say that the whole progress of civilization rests on that principle.

Jacques Hadamard

Source: H. Eves Mathematical Circles Squared, Boston: Prindle, Weber and Schmidt, 1972.

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A Quote by Isaac Asimov on atoms, beginning, practicality, and travel

At two-tenths the speed of light, dust and atoms might not do significant damage even in a voyage of 40 years, but the faster you go, the worse it is - space begins to become abrasive. When you begin to approach the speed of light, hydrogen atoms become cosmic-ray particles, and they will fry the crew. . . . So 60,000 kilometers per second may be the practical speed limit for space travel.

Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

Source: ‘Sail On! Sail On!’ in The Relativity of Wrong, Kensington Books, NY, 1996, p 220.

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A Quote by Thomas Henry Huxley on delusion, life, motherhood, practicality, science, and wit

No delusion is greater than the notion that method and industry can make up for lack of mother wit, either in science or in practical life.

Thomas Huxley (1825 - 1895)

Source: "On the Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge" in "Collected Essays," vol. 1, 1893.

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A Quote by Thomas Henry Huxley on life and practicality

There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures early in life.

Thomas Huxley (1825 - 1895)

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A Quote by H. L. Mencken on aim, politics, practicality, and safety

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed [and hence clamorous to be led to safety] by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H.L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

Source: Defense of Women, 1923

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A Quote by Henry R. Harrower on assumptions, belief, joy, perfection, practicality, questions, and research

The practical man is the adventurer, the investigator, the believer in research, the asker of questions, the man who refuses to believe that perfection has been attained.... There is no thrill or joy in merely doing that which any one can do.... It is always safe to assume, not that the old way is wrong, but that there may be a better way.

Henry R. Harrower

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A Quote by Henry H. Heimann on business, experience, honesty, intelligence, management, opportunity, practicality, problems, promotion, study, and work

The opportunity for the average workman to rise to the management positions in industry was never better than it is today. These opportunities will continue to grow in the next decade. If the average intelligent and honest workman supplements his practical work experience with study of the general problems of business he will find privileged opportunities and promotion awaiting him.

Henry H. Heimann

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A Quote by Henry Eyring on atoms, day, discovery, exploring, needs, practicality, spirituality, thought, time, travel, truth, and world

Man in his ceaseless search after truth has discovered and partially explored five world. These worlds differ from each other in the size of the units of space and time we need to describe them. In our every day practical world, we get along nicely with such units as feet and seconds. In the chemical world of molecules and atoms, the electrons complete their revolutions in a hundred million millionth of a second, while a hundred million atoms side by side extend only a distance of one inch. Inside the nucleus of the atom, we enter a third world, where events happen a million times faster still, and distances are a thousand times smaller than in the atom. In the fourth world, the astronomers measure revolutions of the planets in years, and the unit of distance, the light year, is about ten thousand million miles. Finally, we come to the spiritual world where time is measured in eternities and space is limitless. Thus, in thought we can travel from the almost infinitesimally small to the infinitely large.

Henry Eyring (1901 - 19)

Source: Science and Your Faith in God

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A Quote by Henry Brooks Adams on facts, politics, and practicality

Practical politics consists of ignoring facts.

Henry Adams (1838 - 1918)

Source: The Education of Henry Adams, 1907

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