A Quote by Tiger Woods on golf, passion, and play

I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for - getting paid for doing what you love.

Tiger Woods

Source: The Tiger Woods Rulebook To Being A Huge Success:

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A Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche on man, women, danger, and play

"The True Man wants 2 things: DANGER & PLAY. For that reason he wants Woman, as the Most Dangerous Plaything"

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

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A Quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce on learning, play, children, and intelligence

You can't have real learning with a child unless they are playing. Real playing is how real learning takes place. You can have conditioning and a Pavlovian conditioning of his dogs, or behaviors modifications through other means which we look on as very serious, and we generally call learning, but it's not learning. It's conditioning.

Real learning takes place by what Maria Montesorri would call the absorbent mind of the child. Simply absorbing their universe, absorbing it, becoming it, and they do this through play. Play can be the most serious undertaking of a child's life. It is the most serious undertaking. They are completely entrained in play. Mind, the three parts of the mind; thought, feeling, action, the body, every aspect of the child's self entrained solely focuses totally on the activity of absorbing their world. Absorbing their environment. It is the most serious active to their life because they're literally building their construction of knowledge of the world, of themselves, of the relationship between the two and laying down all the foundations for the later forms of intelligence.

Joseph Chilton Pearce


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A Quote by Plato on play and discover

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.

Plato (c.427 - 347 BC)

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A Quote by Donald Trump on money and play


Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score.  The real excitment is in playing the game.

Donald Trump (1946 -)

Source: Donald Trump

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A Quote by Caterina on business, play, and flickr

If the business were a play, Act One is: Woohoo, bright and bushy-tailed. We're going to make something great! Act Two is: We're six months behind on back-end development. We're trying to raise venture capital. We're trying to figure out what furniture we should sell to make payroll.

Caterina Fake

Source: How We Did It: Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, Co-founders, Flickr:

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A Quote by Marcel Duchamp on god, death, atheism, liberation, society, determinism, language, chess, play, and pataphysics

All this twaddle, the existence of God, atheism, determinism, liberation, societies, death, etc., are pieces of a chess game called language, and they are amusing only if one does not preoccupy oneself with 'winning or losing this game of chess.' 

Marcel Duchamp (1887 - 1968)

Source: The Box in a Valise, translated by David Britt (New Yorki: Rizzoli, 1989) p285

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A Quote by Elaine St. James on simple, willing, play, games, complication, life, stumbling block, obstacles, change, and story

Often one of the stumbling blocks to living a simpler life is our inability or unwillingness to change how we play some of the games that got us into these complicated lives in the first place.

Elaine St. James

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A Quote by Bagger Vance on golf, game, play, played, won, journey, and life

What I'm talkin' about is a game.  A game that can't be won, only played.

Bagger Vance

Source: Movie, the legend of bagger vance

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