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A Quote by Miguel de Unamuno on future, past, awareness, consciousness, personal development, and personal evolution

We should try to be the parents of our future rather than the offspring of our past.

Miguel de Unamuno

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A Quote by Greg Levoy on conscious eadership, personal growth, inspiration, fear, humility, and personal evolution

There are so many distractions today it is much easier to sleep; to hit the snooze button in our lives and simply roll over with the best of intentions to get started tomorrow.

Yet with the challenges of today's world, this behavior could be called emotional and spiritual truancy. It is characterized by "the evasion of one's own growth, the setting of low levels of aspiration, the fear of doing what one is capable of doing, voluntary self-crippling, pseudo-stupidity and mock humility." No matter how sophisticated or ingenious the avoidance, it is still a cheap adaptation to the implorings of personal evolution. It is clinging to the trivial, to cultivate our own little gardens. *

* - From Greg Levoy "Callings" excerpted from:

Greg Levoy

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A Quote by Dennis Lewis on transformation, personal evolution, personal growth, and change

"Self-Observation is itself the Beginning of Transformation"

Dennis Lewis

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A Quote by Sri Aurobindo on personal evolution, personal growth, and human potential

"Arise, transcend thyself. Thou art man and the whole nature of man is to become more than himself"

Sri Aurobindo


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