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A Quote by Herman van Staden on psychology, mentoring, personal growth, and personal development

Please do not confuse me with a shrink….  I am a stretch.

Herman van Staden

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A Quote by Gary Zukav on self-awareness, consciousness, living, life, wakefulness, questions, personal development, and self help

Please… tell me who you are and what you want. And if you think those are simple questions, keep in mind that most people live their entire lives without arriving at an answer.

Gary Zukav

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A Quote by Miguel de Unamuno on future, past, awareness, consciousness, personal development, and personal evolution

We should try to be the parents of our future rather than the offspring of our past.

Miguel de Unamuno

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A Quote by Pete Middleton on personal development, leadership, self, wisdom, and happiness

There is a way of knowing higher than reason, a self greater than ego, and a power called logic.

Acknowledge your mind, respect your heart, trust your knowing.

Do not allow any one to dominate the others!

Pete Middleton

Source: Pete Middleton, SenseAble Solutions

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A Quote by John Wooden on can do, success, overcome, personal development, and encouragement

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

John Wooden (1910 -)

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