A Quote by Gaston Bachelard on words, reverie, past, and time

Words, in their distant past, have the past of my reveries.

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962)

Source: The Poetics of Reverie, Pages: 17

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A Quote by Chuck Palahniuk on past and future

We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heros or victims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are.
Letting our past decide our future.
Or we can decide for ourselves.
And maybe it's our job to invent something better.

Chuck Palahniuk

Source: Choke, Pages: 292

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A Quote by John Fitzgerald Kennedy on change, past, present, and future

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963)

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A Quote by Domus Ulixes on car, wisdom, mirror, past, and realising

Realising where we are comeing from, is a good start in wisdom. But, as any wise man will tell you. When you drive a car, it is better to look in front of you, and back through a mirror, then the other way around. So...
To find wisdom, look where you are heading. Look around where you are now. As long as you do this objectively, you can always use the mirror to see what things lie in the past so that they don't hit you, because they forget to look in front of them...

Frederik Kerling

Source: --"Enlightenment" is a vehicle of separation--

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A Quote by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on past


So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 - 1940)

Source: The Great Gatsby

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A Quote by unknown on time, past, future, and present

Time now, thou lost employ the portion small

Time past, has gone never to return

Time future, has yet to come and may never be

Time present is the only time for thee



Source: Anon

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A Quote by Charles S. Maier on past, identity, and german

No one can master the past; one can only interrogate it.

Charles Maier

Source: An Unmasterable Past

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A Quote by Richard Levy on time, in the moment, past, and future

When we are present in each moment, the past gently rolls up behind us and the future slowly unravels before us.

Richard Levy

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A Quote by Richard David Bach on future, choices, lessons, change, learning, and past

Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.

Richard Bach (1936 -)

Source: Illusions

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A Quote by Chad Cristopher Cobb on chad cristopher cobb, the sea of milk, milky way, whiteness, planet, universe, creation, imaginative, nothingness, island, within, gods, immortals, expanse, cosmos, space, beginning, suns, moons, past, place, bright, an

Past the Milky Way. Past the stars and moons, the suns and shadows. Past the universe. Past it all. Past the light and into the darkness. Past the created and into the creation, into the deep space of creators, of gods and immortals. Into the creative cosmos. Into the within. Into it. There lies a place with a white planet, a bright dot in the static blackness, a solitary island in the expanse of imaginative nothingness.

This lone planet lies still in its isolation, staring at the darkness with two penetrating eyes that protrude from its spherical whiteness…

Chad Cristopher Cobb

Source: The Sea of Milk

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