A Quote by Dr. D. H. Scott on evolution, facts, faith, generations, past, problems, and satisfaction

For the moment at least, the Darwinian period is past; we can no longer enjoy the comfortable assurance, which once satisfied so many of us, that the main problem has been solved - all is again in the melting pot. By now, in fact, a new generation has grown up that knows not Darwin. Is even then evolution not a scientifically ascertained fact? No! We must hold it as an act of faith because there is no alternative.

Dr. D. H. Scott

Source: Presidential Address of the Botanical Section of British Ass’n for the Advancement of Science, 1921

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A Quote by Donald M. Nelson on acceptance, assumptions, beginning, change, habits, ideas, and past

We must drop the idea that change comes slowly. It does ordinarily - in part because we think it does. Today changes must come fast; and we must adjust our mental habits, so that we can accept comfortably the idea of stopping one thing and beginning another overnight. We must discard the idea that past routine, past ways of doing things, are probably the best ways. On the contrary, we must assume that there is probably a better way to do almost everything. We must stop assuming that a thing which has never been done before probably cannot be done at all.

Donald M. Nelson

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A Quote by Denis Waitley on day, future, and past

Winners live each day as if their last. Not in the future, nor in the past, and someday . . . becomes now!

Denis Waitley

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A Quote by Demosthenes on judgment and past

Every advantage in the past is judged in the light of the final issue.

Demosthenes (384 - 322 BC)

Source: 1st Olynthiac

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A Quote by Della Adams Leitner on age, christmas, heart, needs, past, and sons

The little boy-that-used-to-be On Christmas morning watched the tree. He hid beneath a man's disguise, But oh! the sparkle in his eyes! He watched his son with great delight And how his heart leaped at the sight Of Junior opening up his toys, And then . . . there were two little boys. One half past three, and one . . . oh well, His age in years why need we tell: It did not matter as they played With auto, train and gay parade. Circus and games and toy pop-gun I'm sure I do not know which one Was happier . . . the half past three Or grown-up lad-that-used-to-be.

Della Adams Leitner

Source: Eva Sumner's collection

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A Quote by Debbie on creativity, destruction, gifts, life, past, and talent

When left unhealed, the past will destroy our lives. It buries our unique gifts, our creativity, and our talents.


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A Quote by David Viscott on beauty, cruelty, pain, past, relationships, sharing, sincerity, struggle, time, wishes, and world

There comes a time in some relationships when no matter how sincere the attempt to reconcile the differences or how strong the wish to recreate a part of the past once shared, the struggle becomes so painful that nothing else is felt and the world and all its beauty only add to the discomfort by providing cruel contrast.

David Viscott

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A Quote by Daniel Webster on heart, history, judgment, needs, past, security, and world

I shall enter on no encomium upon Massachusetts; she needs none. There she is. Behold her, and judge for yourselves. There is her history; the world knows it by heart. The past, at least, is secure. There is Boston and Concord and Lexington and Bunker Hill; and there they will remain forever.

Daniel Webster (1782 - 1852)

Source: Second Speech on Foot's Resolution, Jan. 26, 1830. Webster's Works. Boston. 1857,

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A Quote by Cyril Connolly on absence, art, imagination, nostalgia, past, reality, and solution

Imagination is nostalgia for the past, the absent; it is the liquid solution in which art develops the snapshot of reality.

Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

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A Quote by Confucius on divinity, future, past, and study

Study the past if you would divine the future.

Confucius (c. 551 - c. 479 BC)

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