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Seth emphatically says: THE PRESENT IS THE POINT OF POWER.  According to him the point of power is where flesh and matter meet with spirit.  That juncture embodies the actions and beliefs we choose to draw from all previous points of power.  From our current present we project, for better or worse, those choices, plus any new ones we may decide upon, into each of the presents we'll be creating throughout the rest of our lives.  The contents of our projections, then, are of supreme importance. 

As Seth suggests through even a five minute exercise, in which we sit quietly and look about, we can become aware that the present is the point of power.  In his exercise, we gently remind ourselves that we aren't at the mercy of our past beliefs unless we think we are.  We have the full freedom to insert new creative goals in our point-of-power exercises.  Next, we relax, to give our fresh suggestions time to begin working within us.  Next, physically we make a simple gesture or act, no matter how modest, that is in line with our desires for the future.  Periodically we repeat the exercise --- but easily, without pressure, confident that we're doing well.  Action is thought in physical motion, Seth tells us.... In The Nature of Personal Reality Seth deals extensively with the point of power, its exercises and meanings and benefits.  See especially sessions 656-57 in Chapter 15.

Jane Roberts

Source: The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living (Roberts, Jane), Pages: 57

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