A Quote by Steve Pavlina on passion, work, career, right livelihood, and giving

If something is important enough to you that you feel the urge to donate your money or time to it, I think it’s best to try to express that form of giving through your career, not just as something you do on the side.  If you enjoy your volunteering and charitable activities more than your career, it means your career is in serious need of an upgrade.  In my opinion your career should be your best outlet for giving.

Steve Pavlina

Source: Steve Pavlina: Contributing Through Your Career:

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A Quote by Ellen Lieberman Weil on strength, power, feel, peace, joy, passion, and emotion

Feel me.  I am strong and fierce, yet I am soft and gentle.  I have much power, yet I am peaceful and loving.  I can defend myself, yet I remain kind and giving.  Feel who I am.  I have much joy and passion, yet I am not dramatic.  I do not indulge in negative emotions. 

Ellen Weil

Source: Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul

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A Quote by Seth Grodin on leadership, self, self cultivation, psyche, passion, and physics

...the job of the business leader isn't just to gaze OUT at a dizzying world full of streaming data. It's to gaze IN at the long-ignored interior landscape.


The way the world works now, the way the rules of engagement operate, you can't claim to make sense out of the exterior without booking voyages into the interior. Think about it: How can you understand 'it' if you haven't made any effort to understand 'you'? Because what you're really doing is establishing a living, electrical, vital, energetic connection between it and you. You're creating both of them, simultaneously. A lot like quantum physics.

Seth Grodin

Source: The Big Moo: Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable, Pages: 106

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A Quote by Bruce Wilkinson on dream, goal, passion, and purpose

The journey toward your Big Dream changes you. In fact, the journey itself is what prepares you to succeed at what you were born to do.
And until you decide to pursue your Dream, you are never going to love life the way you were meant to.

Bruce Wilkinson

Source: The Dream Giver, Pages: 76

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A Quote by Ayn Rand on passion


The only man never to be redeemed is the man without passion.

Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

Source: Atlas Shrugged

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A Quote by Czeslaw Milosz on passion and change

The voice of passion is better than the voice of reason. The passionless cannot change history.

Czeslaw Milosz

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A Quote by Honoré de Balzac on work, passion, and fulfillment

An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man's entire existence.

Honore de Balzac (1799 - 1850)

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, education, teaching, students, and passion

There is a form of poetic and esthetic and moral genius necessary to make philosophical issues truly incandesce for students, and even though I indeed had some world-class professors myself when I went through the curriculum, I rarely saw such gnosic or concretist/poetic passion among them.  I am not speaking of broad histrionics or melodramatic delivery, but rather a moral investment of concern, of loving delight and pathos in exposing one's consciousness to the full horrific and magnificent implications of the materials.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Thomas J. "Tom" Peters on passion, work, fun, and business

Oh Lord, there it is again. The question;" What kind of business should I start?" Incidentially, it has a twin that also sets me off: "What should I specialize in during the second year of my MBA studies?"

Sorry, but those are two of the most profoundly upsetting questions anyone can ask -- upsetting because the answer should be obvious: Do what turns you on, not what the statistics say is best.

Business, life itself, is damned hard work if you wanna be good at it. Actually, that's precisely wrong. Business ceases to be work when you're chasing a dream that has engorged you. ("Work should be more fun than fun" -- Noel Coward.) And if the passion isn't there. then biotech and plumbing will be equal drags.

Tom Peters (1942 -)

Source: The Pursuit of Wow!, Pages: 22

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A Quote by Joao Magueijo on science, exploration, curiosity, passion, and physics's the process of losing oneself in the jungle that makes science worth doing.

Joao Magueijo

Source: Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation, Pages: 258

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