A Quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel on passion, inspiration, and accomplishment

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

Georg Hegel

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A Quote by Sherrilene on living, passion, and emotion

Passion isn't just acceptable to the living, it IS a necessity for the truly living person.


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A Quote by Stephen Shapiro on passion, skills, and bliss

Focus not just on passion, but also on skills and value. Following your bliss is not enough. You must have the necessary skills to be successful. Ask yourself the following questions: What are you known for being good at? How can you gain other necessary skills? Who can you collaborate with to fill your skill gaps? In addition, you must create value for others. Ask yourself the following questions: How can you make a living at this? How can you help the world value your contribution? How can you creatively stay true to your passion while having the success you desire?

Stephen Shapiro

Source: Turning a Passion into a Profession:

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A Quote by Hebbel on accomplishment, passion, and success

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.


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A Quote by Martha Stewart on living, lifestyle, family, and passion

The subject matter that I am really spending my time on has become an acceptable subject matter. Living, lifestyle, family, is now in the forefront of interest in America, and I've just stuck with it. I mean, I've been doing this for years, and I never got angry. I never said, you know, listen, I'm fighting for this subject. That wasn't my point. My point was to continue working in a subject matter, knowing full well that finally it would be recognized as a viable subject once again.

Martha Stewart

Source: Academy of Achievement: Martha Stewart Interview:

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A Quote by Esther Hicks on deliberate creation, energy, source, law of attraction, power, passion, and universe

If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators, respective to the total population, really know. The beasts all know it. Your animals know that all is well. Your animals live in the moment. They understand the power of their now. They expect the Universe to yield to them. They don't worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate. They are Pure Positive Energy. Your beasts vibrate more on the Energy scale of contentment than of passion. Their desire was set forth from Nonphysical, and continues to be set forth by those, like you, who want Energy balance, who want sustenance. The difference between the beast and the human is that the beast is more general in its intent. The human is usually less blended, usually less allowing of the Energy to flow, but is more specific. And that is why the human is seen to be the Creator while the beast is more the balancer of Energy.

Esther Hicks

Source: Abraham-Hicks

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A Quote by Erich Fromm on love and passion

Envy, jealousy, ambition, any kind of greed are passions; love is an action, the practice of a human power, which can be practiced only in freedom and never as the result of a compulsion.

Erich Fromm (1900 - 1980)

Source: The Art of Loving (P.S.), Pages: 21

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A Quote by Seth Goldman on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, conscious capitalism, business, and passion

As the year draws to an end, I face a question that annually lurks in the back of my mind, (and I suspect in the minds of most entrepreneurs), "Do I have the energy and passion for another year?" Though someone from the outside might assume the answer is always, "Yes," people on the outside tend to glamorize the real work of leading a mission-driven company. I encounter so many job applicants drawn to Honest Tea because they want to change the way business is done -- organics, Fair Trade, healthier products, bikes for employees -- but then when they find out the way to make that all real is by walking in the rain lugging 50 pounds of heavy bottles or standing in the hot sun giving out samples, they find out they aren't quite as entrepreneurial as they thought they were. (Internally we say their "Kumbaya factor" isn't as big as their "Get it Done" factor.)

Seth Goldman

Source: The Mission Driven Business: Are We Willing to Give Up Growth for Mission?:

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A Quote by Michael Ray, Ph.D. on highest goal, passion, spirit, and journey

If you live for the highest goal, you are living a life of the spirit-whether or not you consider yourself to be on a spiritual path. If you consciously notice the larger aspects of life, always consider whether what you are doing coincides with these aspects, never forget the times when you were enlivened by the power of the highest goal, use those memories in new situations, and act with the knowledge of the support you have and the journey you are on-you will be living for the highest goal.

Michael Ray, Ph.D.

Source: The Highest Goal: The Secret That Sustains You in Every Moment

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A Quote by Howard Thurman on life and passion

Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

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