A Quote by George Eliot on belief, consequences, and passion

Perhaps his might be one of the natures where a wise estimate of consequences is fused in the fires of that passionate belief which determines the consequences it believes in.

George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Source: Daniel Deronda, bk. 6, ch. 41 (1876), said of Mordecai.

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A Quote by George Chapman on driving and passion

For one heat, all know, doth drive out another, One passion doth expel another still.

George Chapman (1560 - 1634)

Source: Monsieur d’Olive, 1606

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A Quote by "Mahatma" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on nonviolence and passion

Nonviolence of the strong cannot be a mere policy. It must be a creed, or a passion, if 'creed' is objected to.

Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

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A Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on earth, passion, and resentment

Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

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A Quote by Freda Adler on knowledge and passion

The passionate controversies of one era are viewed as sterile preoccupations by another, for knowledge alters what we seek as well as what we find.

Freda Adler (1934 -)

Source: Sisters in Crime, 1975.

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A Quote by François Fénelon on achievement, admiration, belief, certainty, children, cleverness, conformity, faith, happiness, humility, ideas, innocence, integrity, men, passion, pride, profit, prudence, salvation, simplicity, spirit, stability, women,

There is a great difference between a lofty spirit and a right spirit. A lofty spirit excites admiration by its profoundness; but only a right spirit achieves salvation and happiness by its stability and integrity. Do not conform your ideas to those of the world. Scorn the "intellectual" as much as the world esteems it. What men consider intellectual is a certain facility to produce brilliant thoughts. Nothing is more vain. We make an idol of our intellect as a woman who believes herself beautiful worships her face. We take pride in our own thoughts. We must reject not only human cleverness, but also human prudence, which seems so important and so profitable. Then we may enter - like little children, with candor and innocence of worldly ways - into the simplicity of faith; and with humility and a horror of sin we may enter into the holy passion of the cross.

Francois Fenelon (1651 - 1715)

Source: Meditations

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A Quote by Sir Francis Bacon on death, fear, grief, honor, love, mind, passion, revenge, and weakness

There is no passion in the mind of man so weak, but it mates and masters the fear of death . . . Revenge triumphs over death; love slights it; honor aspireth to it; grief flieth to it.

Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

Source: Essays. Of Death

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A Quote by Eric Hoffer on life and passion

The necessary has never been man's top priority. The passionate pursuit of the nonessential and the extravagant is one of the chief traits of human uniqueness. Unlike other forms of life, man's greatest exertions are made in the pursuit not of necessities but of superfluities.

Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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A Quote by Eric Hoffer on passion


There is in most passions a shrinking away from ourselves. The passionate pursuer has all the earmarks of a fugitive.

Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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A Quote by Eric Hoffer on emptiness, hatred, life, meaning, passion, and purpose

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.

Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

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