A Quote by Emily Dickinson on pain


Pain has an element of blank;
It cannot recollect
When it began, or if there were
A day when it was not.

It has no future but itself,
Its infinite realms contain
Its past, enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Source: The Mystery of Pain

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A Quote by CS Lewis on cs lewis, pain, and god

God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

CS Lewis

Source: The Problem of Pain

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You kiss the back of my neck

I'm spinning to the ground

You run your strong fingers down my back

I can't hear a sound

You whisper things to me

So sweet I can taste your words

You're so close to me

I can feel our souls touching

You draw circles in my palm

Your love warms me to my toes, this I will never forget.

You loved me even if it was only for a minute

I hold onto that minute every night

You needed me even if only for a moment

I still hold onto that moment inside.

Christina Pagliarulo

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A Quote by unknown on pain, weakness, body, mind, and strength

Pain is weakness leaving the body. The question isn't how much more can you take, but how much more can you give. Just when you're ready to quit, your mind says push harder. You listen sensing an inner strength that wasn't there before, and suddenly you discover you no longer feel the pain.


Source: Military AD

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A Quote by Robert Augustus Masters on pain, suffering, and intimacy

If you want to end your suffering enter your pain.

Robert Augustus Masters

Source: Divine Dynamite

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A Quote by Peter Matthiessen on memory, mystery, and pain

Soon the child's clear eye is clouded over by ideas and opinions, preconceptions and abstractions.  Simple free being becomes encrusted with the burdensome armor of the ego.  Not until years later does an instinct come that a vital sense of mystery has been withdrawn.  The sun glints through the pines, and the heart is pierced in a moment of beauty and strange pain, like a memory of paradise.  After that day we become seekers.

Peter Matthiessen

Source: Visionaries: The 20th Century's 100 Most Important Inspirational Leaders

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A Quote by Ar!3L on pain and agony


..::the pain that perspires is my agony a fire::..


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A Quote by Michael Bernard Beckwith on pain and vision

The pain pushes until the vision pulls.

Michael Beckwith

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