A Quote by Butler Shaffer on property, living, life, control, and ownership

"Property" is not simply some social invention, like Emily Post’s guide to etiquette, but a way of describing conditions that are essential to all living things. Every living thing must occupy space and consume energy from outside itself if it is to survive, and it must do so to the exclusion of all other living things on the planet. I didn’t dream this up. My thinking was not consulted before the life system developed. The world was operating on the property principle when I arrived and, like the rest of us, I had to work out my answers to that most fundamental, pragmatic of all social questions: who gets to make decisions about what? The essence of "ownership" is to be found in control: who gets to be the ultimate decision maker about people and "things" in the world?

Butler Shaffer

Source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/shaffer/ebook/9.html

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A Quote by Rob Brezsny on responsibility, empowerment, ecology, belonging, ownership, stewardship, and pronoia

Imagine that the whole world belongs to you.  The birch trees in New Hampshire's White Mountains are yours, and so are the cirrus clouds in the western sky at dusk and the black sand on the beaches of Hawaii's big island.  You own everything, my dear sovereign - the paintings in all the museums of the world, as well as the internet and the wild horses and the roads.

Please take good care of it all, OK?  Be an enlightened monarch who treats your domain with reverent responsibility.  And make sure you also enjoy the full measure of fun that comes with such mastery.  Glide through life as if all of creation is yearning to honor and entertain you.

Rob Brezsny

Source: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings, Pages: 277

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A Quote by Florida Scott-Maxwell on life, reality, ownership, and responsibility

Claim the events of your life! When you posses all you have been and done, you are fierce with reality.

Florida Scott-Maxwell

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A Quote by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings on earth, ecology, gaia, and ownership

The earth may be borrowed but not bought. It may be used but not owned. We are the tenants and not possessors, lovers and not masters. The Earth belongs to the wind and the rain, to the sun and all seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of seed, and beyond all, to time.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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A Quote by Abraham Hicks on ownership, vision, reality, and want

You have sole ownership of your vision. And the Universe will give you what
you want within your vision. What happens with most people is that they
muddy their vision with "reality". Their vision becomes full of not only
what they want but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too.
Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration that
you are offering can then be answered. 

Abraham Hicks

Source: Excerpted from a workshop in Boston, MA on Sunday, October 11th, 1998

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A Quote by Ansel Adams on photography, art, creativity, and ownership

You don't take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984)

Source: Brainy Quotes

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A Quote by Peter Cajander on money, currency, ownership, and control

You can own silver and gold but never any fiat currency issued by someone else. 

Peter Cajander

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A Quote by Mary Beth O'Neill on accountability, resilience, and ownership

Who has not first tried to get out of a tough situation before truly dealing with it?

Mary O'Neill

Source: Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart - A Systems Approach to Engaging Leaders with Their Challenges

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A Quote by Francis Vincent "Frank" Zappa, Jr. on individualism, communism, and ownership

Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff.

Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)

Source: Speech given during a concert

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