A Quote by Richard L. Evans on divinity, eternity, faith, goodness, life, optimism, pessimism, rest, and words

May I make two citations from the words of a discerning editorial writer, not one of my faith, but one of much faith: "If we neglect the divine . . . and give ourselves over wholly to the human," he said, "we may certainly count upon nothing but the triumph of pessimism. . . . True optimism must rest upon a calm, unshakable faith in eternal life and in the unlimited goodness of him who gives it."

Richard L. Evans (1906 - 1971)

Source: Improvement Era, June 1970, p. 37.

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A Quote by Reginald B. Mansell on difficulty, opportunity, optimism, and pessimism

A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.

Reginald B. Mansell

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A Quote by R. H. Cabell on business, confidence, optimism, play, success, and worth

Success in business implies optimism, mutual confidence, and fair play. A business man must hold a high opinion of the worth of what he has to sell and he must feel that he is a useful public servant.

R. H. Cabell

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A Quote by Paul H. Dunn on church, day, experience, faith, friendship, good, happiness, horses, kindness, life, mind, needs, optimism, people, problems, security, sermons, thought, and understanding

I have been uplifted today and the previous days by the optimistic sermons of those who have preceded me. I am grateful for a happy church, a church that brings security and understanding and faith in the lives of its people. This is a church that is not only optimistic but also has a firm foundation. It has been reiterated many times already. The optimism of this conference brought to my mind the little experience of two Vermont farmers. It seems that in Vermont we get a great deal of rain, and the hills are green as a result. One day a farmer was walking down a back road, and it was very muddy, and suddenly he came upon a large puddle, and in the middle of the puddle he saw a straw hat. He thought he recognized it. He tiptoed over and lifted it up, and lo and behold under it was his friend Zeb, and he was right up to his neck in the mud. He said, "Zeb, it looks like you have a problem. Do you need some help?" Zeb said, "No thanks, Zeke, I'll be all right. I have got a good horse under me." Well, I have felt that kind of optimism throughout this conference. Spiritually speaking, we have some great horses under us, and I am grateful for that kind of faith and testimony.

Paul H. Dunn (1924 - 1998)

Source: Conference Report, October 1969, Pg.127

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A Quote by Paul Fussell on depression and optimism

I find nothing more depressing than optimism.

Paul Fussell

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A Quote by Neal A. Maxwell on balance, christ, citizenship, community, day, good, jesus, life, nations, optimism, pessimism, seriousness, sharing, and work

Naive optimism and pervasive pessimism are both to be avoided, therefore. It's not an easy balance to maintain, to be asked to work away in the Ninevehs of our lives without being so conscious of the coming cataclysm that we are not serious citizens of our communities and nations. By living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are doing the most relevant thing we can do by way of helping. (There are civic and other chores to be done, of course.) Day in and day out, the gospel is the one thing that is most relevant, and we are to be of good cheer.

Neal Maxwell (1926 -)

Source: Deposition of a Disciple, , © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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A Quote by Marina Schinz on exercise, experience, hope, and optimism

Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes, it is a triumph of hope over experience.

Marina Schinz

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A Quote by Margery Allingham on health, mind, and optimism

The optimism of a healthy mind is indefatigable.

Margery Allingham (1904 - 1966)

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A Quote by L.P. Jacks on difficulty, opportunity, optimism, and pessimism

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist, the opportunity in every difficulty.

L.P. Jacks

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A Quote by Jules Marshall on community, feeling, optimism, and world

There's a new and virulent cultural virus ripping through the world. . . . The symptoms of those infected include attacks of optimism, strong feelings of community, lower stress levels and outbreaks of pronoia - the sneaking feeling that someone is conspiring behind their backs to help them.

Jules Marshall

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