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When a person says, "I'll try," the part he doesn't say is "but I'll probably fail."


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A Quote by jonni on optimism, mystic, and philosophy

Life can change on a dime, so I always try to carry extra change

Jonni L. Jones

jonni jones

Source: Seven Life Lessons of Chaos: Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change

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A Quote by Scott Raymond Adams on happiness and optimism

One Dilbert Blog reader noted that current research shows that happiness causes success more than success causes happiness. That makes sense to me. There’s plenty of research about people having a baseline of happiness that doesn’t vary much with circumstances. And given that happy people are typically optimistic, energetic, and fun to work with, I can see how happiness would lead to success.

Scott Raymond Adams (1957 -)

Source: Dilbert Blog: Happiness Formula Wiki: http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2007/03/happiness_formu_1.html

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A Quote by jim carrey on pefection, god, and optimism

i'm a perfectionist, so i'm never satisfied with myself.  i've always been psychotic about that kind of stuff--in a good way.  i'm very disciplined.  like the food and the whole thing, i'm always looking to "how can i eventually just turn into a ball of light and fly off the planet?".  until that happens and God basically pull the blinds back, i will not be satisfied... if i found out that if i ate pine nuts for the next month i could see God, i'd be eating pine nuts.

jim carrey

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A Quote by jim carrey on optimism, child, and parent

all i want to make sure of is that she's doing something she loves.  watch your kids when they sit down and absolutely get lost in something.  maybe that's what they should be doing--the thing they're dying to do all the time.

jim carrey

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A Quote by jim carrey on job, escape, and optimism

but can everyone simply choose the path he loves?  someone has to take the ordinary jobs.  all i know is, that worked for me.  and it didn't work for other people i know to get a so-called safe job, because there's no such thing anymore.  the only thing that stays constant is the idea that people have to escape.

jim carrey

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A Quote by pharrell williams on god, optimism, and jump

i would advise them that the world is yours, go out there and get it.  once you get it, watch what you do with it.  everyday is a hurdle.  the fact that God gives me motivation to jump and keep jumping is key.  i believe that education and exposure are important.  you have these kids who aren't exposed to anything.  they set limits.  i say the world does not revolve around you, but it does revolve around the sun.  do you want to be part of the revolution?

pharrell williams

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A Quote by The Bible on bible, god, world, and optimism

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, this is your spiritual act of worship.  Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.

The Bible

Source: Romans 12:1-2

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A Quote by jim carrey on life, optimism, and rich

i would challenge anybody in their darkest moment to write what they're grateful for, even stupid little things like the green grass that made them feel good, the friendly conversation they had with somebody on an alevator.  You start to realize how rich you are.

jim carrey

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A Quote by Richard Rodriguez on optimism, youth, and life

Though I am alive now, I do not believe an old man's pessimism is nessessarily truer than a young man's optimism simply because it comes after. There are things a young man knows that are true and are not yet in the old man's power to recollect. Spring has its sappy wisdom.

Richard Rodriguez

Source: "Late Victorians"

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