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"You may find many stones in life, but only one can be your diamond"


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A Quote by Lee Gerstley on one, calm, and home

When one is calm, one is home.

Lee Gerstley

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A Quote by racheal pito on love, life, eternal, lifetime, sammy racheal, lovers, soulmates, myspace, heart, forever, one, together, belong, and iloveyou

love is when all you think of is that person the person who completes you
that feeling of being safe and secure in their arms

racheal pito

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A Quote by John Van Auken on one, god, godlings, neter, neteru, ancient egypt, egypt, and mysticism

In the earliest times, the many gods of the Egyptians were unique children of One Great God, the Source of All Life. Among the many gods, none of them was considered to be the ultimate god. Each was a free-willed portion of the Great Oneness which composed the Most High God. Even in Genesis the plural form is used as the name of God, indicating that the One was composed of many, and the many contained the Universal, Omnipresent One.

John Van Auken

Source: Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and Its Relevance Today, Pages: 5

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A Quote by unknown on if, one, cannot, and live

If one cannot dream one, one cannot live.


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A Quote by Lao-Tzu on goodwill, direction, one, and whole

When you extend your goodwill in every direction, regardless of circumstances, you begin to see that we are all one. 


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A Quote by Tom Yeshe on love, mystery, existence, one, many, and leela

Leela, the Plaything of Playeverything!  Love dis-solves the two great Mysteries: Existence, and That One Becoming Many.  Jai Love!

Tom Yeshe

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A Quote by Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi on rumi, mevlana, open, we, we are all the same, one, oneness, same, knowing, listen, love, inspiration, joy opening, trust, self-discovery, realization, awakening, enlightenment, sufi, one love, and illuminated

We Are All the Same
Listen to the reeds as they sway apart;
Hear them speak of lost friends.
At birth, you were cut from your bed,
Crying and grasping in separation.
Everyone listens, knowing your song.

You yearn for others who know your name,
And the words to your lament.
We are all the same, all the same,
Longing to find our way back;
Back to the one, back to the only one.

Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Source: The Love Poems Of Rumi, Pages: 16

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