A Quote by Ralph W. Hardy on compromise, control, difficulty, discipline, evil, force, growth, idealism, observation, obstinacy, principles, relationships, risk, time, and yielding

Individualism, as a definition of holding to personal ideals, is classed as obstinacy and anti-social. Inevitably we run point blank into the evils of compromise. When compromise enters our moral fibre, it spreads like a cancerous growth. We think we plan adequate safeguards around areas in which we contemplate yielding our standards, but once we lower the fence and break our strong will to do right, come what may, we expose ourselves to forces that spread beyond control. Compromise always starts on some rather insignificant principle. The dangers of yielding seem negligible and we usually risk those things first where observation and detection by others is difficult. We thus seek to avoid censure and discipline. In a short time we find ourselves trading our principles for false values and doing it in the black market of human relationships. . . .

Ralph W. Hardy

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A Quote by George Gordon, Lord Byron on anger, courage, fanaticism, obstinacy, pride, and vanity

The French courage proceeds from vanity - the German from phlegm - the Turkish from fanaticism & opium - the Spanish from pride - the English from coolness - the Dutch from obstinacy - the Russian from insensibility - but the Italian from anger.

Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

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A Quote by Laurence Sterne on good, obstinacy, and perseverance

'Tis known by the name of perseverance in a good cause,-and of obstinacy in a bad one.

Laurence Sterne (1713 - 1768)

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A Quote by Jonathan Swift on debate, design, dogs, genius, horses, instinct, lies, nature, obstinacy, and talent

Brutes find out where their talents lie; A bear will not attempt to fly, A foundered horse will oft debate Before he tries a five barred gate. A dog by instinct turns aside Who sees the ditch too deep and wide, But man we find the only creature Who, led by folly, combats nature; Who, when she loudly cries-Forbear! With obstinacy fixes there; And where the genius least inclines, Absurdly bends his whole designs.

Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

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A Quote by John C. Granville on errors, hope, and obstinacy

Obstinacy in opinions holds the dogmatist in the chains of error, without hope of emancipation.

John C. Granville

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A Quote by Henri Frédéric Amiel on conscience, love, motives, obstinacy, persistence, reason, self-love, and tenacity

Obstinacy is will asserting itself without being able to justify itself. It is persistence without a reasonable motive. It is the tenacity of self-love substituted for that of reason and conscience.

Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 - 1881)

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