A Quote by Ken Wilber on now and acceptance

To no longer resist the present is to see that there is nothing but the present - no beginning, no end, nothing behind it, nothing in front of it. When the past of memory and the future of anticipation are both seen to be present facts, then the slats to this present collapse. The boundaries around this moment fall into this moment, and then there is nothing but this moment, with nowhere else to go.

Ken Wilber

Source: No Boundary : Eastern and Western Approaches to Personal Growth, Pages: 158..159

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A Quote by Eckhart Tolle on now, this moment, problem, and attention

Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this moment.

Eckhart Tolle

Source: The Power of Now : A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Pages: 64

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on coelho, alchemist, past, future, present, now, and happiness

Because I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man... Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now.

Paulo Coelho

Source: The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream, Pages: 88-89

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A Quote by William Allen White on tomorrow, today, and now

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.

William Allen White (1868 - 1944)

Source: [on his 70th birthday]

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A Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll on good, happiness, justice, love, now, and kairos

Justice is the only worship. Love is the only priest. Ignorance is the only slavery. Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now, The place to be happy is here, The way to be happy is to make others so.

Robert Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)

Source: 1896

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