A Quote by Sol Luckman on youth, emptiness, innocence, and nostalgia

Later, it would occur to me it's the emptiness we mistakenly call Innocence.

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 94

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on home, words, beauty, nostalgia, and funny

Home. The word circled comfortably in my mouth like bubble gum, swished around sweetly soft and satisfying. Home. Try saying it aloud to yourself. Home. Isn’t it like taking a bite of something lovely? If only we could eat words.

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 93

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A Quote by Elizabeth Akers Allen on childhood, nostalgia, and time

Backward turn backward o time in your flight Make me a child again just for tonight...

Elizabeth Akers Allen (1832 - 1911)

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A Quote by Milan Kundera on nostalgia

In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by an aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.

Milan Kundera

Source: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on talking, conversation, salesman, death, death rattle, laughter, reminiscing, memory, nostalgia, character, luke soloman, identity, discovery, and reinvention

We shook hands. Norm’s hand felt like salted mackerel. Our brief interaction had put him in a talkative mood. “There’s no business like shoe business,” he uttered with a death rattle laugh, heh heh, peering at me sideways like a depraved cherub as he droned on and on about the good old days in the shoe business, the bonus money and the belles whose stockinged ankles he fondled when he could still get a boner … but my mind was elsewhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about Luke Soloman, Luke Soloman, Luke Soloman. Who was this character?

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 38

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A Quote by Charlie Smith on love, home, friends, poets, and nostalgia

I was filled with longing
for joyful permanent fixations, and insight,
for play and a secular individualism,
a spiritual life and some unnameable
opportunity like a right I vaguely
remembered and couldn't get purchase on.
It was no good.
It took me years and one mistake
after another to realize this
and even then I simply got washed out,
put aside
I didn't really learn a lesson.
I know it's not so much the mistakes
not the divisions, or cultural impediments,
the threats and isolation techniques
we run on each other
it's the heart.
My father went to his grave unchanged.
So did Poe.
And beautiful Anna Karenina.
And Ovid. Consuela Concepcion, too, my piano teacher.
They say in the end
Mussolini was so terrified his mind seized and he couldn't speak.
He sat there swelled-up and bug-eyed. This is not it.
Or anyone drowning or
lurching from the fire shrieking he didn't want this to happen.
There is so much gibberish. And imprecision.
No wonder we lock in.
Like you, I get scared.
I used to go to my friend's house,
sink into the old sofa on his back porch
and read all day. His family
and the ducks and dogs would pass by, let me be - discreet love-  I'd feel safe

Charlie Smith

Source: "Honesty" - see

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A Quote by Sir Walter Scott on humor, celebration, and nostalgia

"Saint George and the Dragon!-Bonny Saint George for Merry England!-The castle is won!"

Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832)

Source: Ivanhoe (Tor Classics), Pages: (Chapter XXXI)

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A Quote by unknown on anxiety, belief, bureaucracy, certainty, community, concern, country, creativity, desires, family, future, ideas, leisure, life, luxury, money, nature, nostalgia, past, reward, self-reliance, technology, present, and work

It's not a single idea, but many ideas and attitudes, including a reverence for nature and a preference for country life; a desire for maximum personal self-reliance and creative leisure; a concern for family nurture and community cohesion; a certain hostility toward luxury; a belief that the primary reward of work should be well-being rather than money; a certain nostalgia for the supposed simplicities of the past and an anxiety about the technological and bureaucratic complexities of the present and the future; and a taste for the plain and functional.


Source: Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal – Philosophy

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A Quote by unknown on future and nostalgia

Optimists are nostalgic about the future.


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A Quote by unknown on nostalgia, past, and present

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson. You find the present tense and the past perfect.


Source: Orben’s Comedy

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