A Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh on negative, positive, seeds, and water

In our consciousness, there are many negative seeds and also many positive seeds. The practice is to avoid watering the negative seeds, and to identify and water the positive seeds every day.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Source: Anger: wisdom for cooling the flames‎ - Page 73 by Thich Nhat Hanh

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A Quote by St. Teresa of Avila on demons, fear, frightened, attachment, possessions, negative, weapons, and enemies

  "Demons frighten us because we set ourselves up to be frightened. We are overly attached to our reputations and possessions. When we love and desire what we should be rejecting, we are in conflict with our true selves.That's when the negative energies catch us and use our weapons against us. Instead of taking up what we have to defend ourselves, we put our swords in the hands of our enemies and make them attack us."


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A Quote by David Bohm on pain, negative, thought, positive, and mind

If you engage in positive thinking to overcome negative thoughts, the negative thoughts are still there acting.  That's still incoherence.  It's not enough just to engage in positive thoughts when you have negative thoughts registered, because they keep on working and will cause trouble somewhere else.

David Bohm

Source: Thought as a System, Pages: 44

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A Quote by David Bohm on thought, positive, negative, image, reality, and mind

If we can be cheered up by positive images we can be depressed by negative ones.  As long as we accept images as realities we are in that trap, because you can't control the images.

David Bohm

Source: Thought as a System, Pages: 46

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A Quote by unknown on kindness, love, life, negative, and hate

Kindness is the highest form of intelligence. Negativity is poison and in all things we reap what we sow. when you are negative without tempering such actions or attitudes with kindness, you create an environment ripe for the breeding of resentment and animosity, hurt feelings are the natural outcome. The intelligence comes in when you realize that a kind word or action results in reciprocation, it opens the door to love and contentment. Negativity and criticism may help to develop a thicker skin, but pressed too hard, the skin become stone, and have you ever tried to squeeze blood from a stone?


Source: Wes Hennings

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A Quote by Walter Russell on space, vacuum, void, ether, travel, matter, action, positive, electricity, negative, sun, black, cold, solid, god, creator, interchange, and continuous

The greatest error of science is in relation to space. Science thinks of space either as a void or as an ether through which solids of matter travel. The fact is that space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter. Matter floats in these insulating spatial counterparts. Positive electricity is accountable for the solids and negative electricity is accountable for the space. All matter comes out of space by the action of positive electricity and is returned to space by the action of negative electricity. White-hot suns come from the blackness of cold space and cold space radiates from hot suns. The matter of space consists of holes surrounded by corpuscular solids, while the matter of solids consists of small
dense cores surrounded by vast tenuous holes of space. The very purpose of the hot suns is to act as crucibles for melting the raw materials which the Creator needs for expressing the idea of the universe. Contrarily, the very purpose of space is to cool the melted matter set out in order that it may become conditioned for the complex expressions of Creation. The two-way interchange between spatial holes and material solids is continuous."

Walter Russell

Source: The Universal One

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A Quote by Rasa on secret, duality, trinity, positive, negative, and power

Between the duality of all placed the unperceived trinity. Balanced perfectly between positive and negative thought , forms the force which is the receiver and giver of power.


Source: Testament of Will, Green 18

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A Quote by Mitch on work, environment, negative, and reflection

In a work environment, conflict shines a negative reflection on you and your pitch.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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A Quote by Joseph Curiale on good, bad, positive, negative, and duality

“Looking for the good in everything is equally as misguided as looking for the bad in everything.”

Joseph Curiale

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