nature of peaceful warriors

A Quote by Armando Torres on nature of peaceful warriors

"Passivity is a violation of our nature, because, in essence, we are all formidable combatants.  Every human being is, by right, a soldier who has achieved his place in the world in a battle of life & death.
Look at it this way: At least once, as sperms, each one of us fought a battle for life - a unique struggle against millions of other competitors - and we won!  And now the battle continues, since we are trapped by the forces of this world.  One part of us is fighting to disintegrate & die, while another tries to maintain life & awareness at any cost.  There is no peace!  A warrior realizes this, and uses it to his advantage.  His goal continues to be that which inspired the spark of life that created him:  Access to a new level of awareness."

Armando Torres

Source: Encounters With The Nagual Conversations With Carlos Castaneda

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