A Quote by Mike Dirnt on magic and music

Music's awesome, it's the closest thing we have to magic.

Mike Dirnt

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A Quote by Jessie Andrews on age, music, and people

The age of a person doesn't matter.  The sweetest music is played on the oldest violin.

Jessie Andrews

Source: The Best Liberal Quotes Ever: Why the Left Is Right

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A Quote by Jessica Julian on music and time


Time is the music of our being.  It is to us what water is to fish.

Jessica Julian

Source: Pearls of Wisdom

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A Quote by Charles Fillmore on earth, mind, music, life, and perception

The mind is the seat of perception of the things we see, hear, and feel.  It is through the mind that we see the beauties of the earth and sky, or music, of art, in fact, of everything.  That silent shuttle of thought working in and out through cell and nerve weaves into one harmonious whole the myriad moods of mind, and we call it life.

Charles Fillmore

Source: The Revealing Word

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A Quote by Caitlín Matthews on awareness, earth, life, music, nature, place, and self

The inapprehensible motion of life escapes our daily awareness, as does the tune of the cosmic dust that orders us all in one great dance of life.  We do not hear it playing until we come to a point where our ordinary and subtle senses are aligned together.  Then we come into harmony and awareness of both worlds at once, the apparent and the unseen worlds in conscious communion within us.  These privileged moments cannot be sought; they come unbidden, surprising us into mystical vision.  It may be that when we interrupt a walk on a high place at evening to admire the view, we apprehend the revolution of the earth as a physical motion beneath our feet; it may be that we become aware of a rhythm that weaves about the steady beating of our own heart as if it were a partner in a dance.

The resonances to which we respond and the relationship between ourselves and the music of life give us the only clues available about the nature of the invisible partner - clues reassuring enough that we can trust the source of our music.

Caitlín Matthews

Source: The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year

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A Quote by Agnes Martin on feelings, art, music, happiness, abstract, and expression

It’s not about facts, it’s about feelings. It’s about remembering feelings and happiness.  A definition of art is that it makes concrete our most subtle emotions. I think the highest form of art is music. It’s the most abstract of all art expression.

Agnes Martin

Source: Tarlow, Lois. Art New England, April-May, 1994.

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A Quote by Artur Rubenstein on music and art


The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes—ah, that is where the art resides.

Artur Rubenstein

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A Quote by E. M. Cioran on bach, beethoven, music, and philosopher

Thinking should be like musical meditation. Has any philosopher pursued a thought to its limits the way Bach or Beethoven develop and exhaust a musical theme? Even after having read the most profound thinkers, one still feels the need to begin anew. Only music gives definitive answers.

E. M. Cioran

Source: Tears and Saints

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A Quote by John Daido Loori on brambles, entanglements, freedom, and music

If you know the music the moment the violin string begins to vibrate, then you know how to navigate through the forest of brambles and entanglements with freedom and ease. If, on the other hand, you think that with practice the forest of brambles and entanglements will altogether disappear, then right from the beginning you are hopelessly entangled and won't find your way.

John Daido Loori

Source: The True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen's Three Hundred Koans, Pages: 169

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