A Quote by Paul Twitchell on dust in the wind, mud, and rain

Dust in the wind flies heavenwards, When it meets rain it becomes mud and sinks. P. Twitchell

deceased Twitchell

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A Quote by Patricia Cori on darkness, destiny, evolution, exquisite beauty, god, illumination, lotus, lotus flower, mud, recognise, and splendour

Like the lotus, you experience three primary stages of evolution. The first is marked by ignorance and darkness, when you lie below the dense mud - a closed chysalis - which, by nature of existence, will eventually be pulled upwards by the warmth of the Sun. The second is exemplified by the climb through the clouded waters of your emotional experience, yet still the flower reaches to the Sun, knowing no other destiny ... no other purpose. The third brings full illumination in the splendour of the light. The Lotus flower blossoms, baring its exquisite beauty to all those who are aware, enough to recognise God unfolding.

Patricia Cori

Source: The Cosmos of Soul: A Wakeup Call for Humanity

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A Quote by unknown on hope, mud, stars, despair, and prison

"Two men were in prison. One looked down to the mud in despair, the other looked up to the stars in hope."


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A Quote by Buddha Saying on independent, opinions, lotus, mud, stalk, peace, and world

The one who wanders independent in the world, free from opinions and viewpoints, does not grasp them and enter into disputations and arguments. As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and the water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.

Buddha Saying

Source: The Sutta Nipata

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A Quote by Nelsa Libertad Curbelo Cora on growth, flowers, mud, and diamonds

Flowers don't grow from diamonds, they grow in the mud.

Nelsa Cora

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