A Quote by Aaron C. Murakami on time and movement

Time is simply an effect of light moving through the aether dissipating its potential through entropy by hitting the nucleus of the atoms that make up mass.

Aaron Murakami

Source: The Quantum Key, p. 89-90

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A Quote by Rick "Firehat" Helders on improvement and movement

Where there is movement, there is improvement.

Rick Helders

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A Quote by Aaron Hoopes on zen, yoga, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, meditation, holistic healing, martial arts, breathing, movement, and zen yoga

A simple yet profound way to create a healthy body, a stress-free mind, and a peaceful sense of well-being.

Aaron Hoopes

Source: Zen Yoga: A Path To Enlightenment Through Breathing, Movement and Meditation

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A Quote by Baba Ram Dass on patience, movement, and intuition

Be patient. You'll know when it's time for you to wake up and move ahead.

Ram Dass

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A Quote by Emilie Conrad on somatic, movement, awareness, spiritual, emotional, and mental

Awareness changes how we physically move. As we become more fluid and resilient so do the mental, emotional and spiritual movements of our lives.

Emilie Conrad

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on desire, conflict, truth, dream, lucid dream, drinking, drunk, lucidity, experience, the road, travel, adventure, quixotic, movement, luke soloman, and picaresque

I’d been having dreams lately, drunken dreams with their peculiar lucidity in which the Experience Trail, the High Seas seemed to call louder and louder, more and more insistently with a voice that was at the same time music—a siren’s song that almost threatened me if I refused to obey its quixotic urgings …

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 83

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on movement, change, progress, and cause and effect

Nothing happens until something moves.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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A Quote by Walter Russell on god, division, polarity, pair, centripetal, centrifugal, motion, movement, stillness, balance, and harmony

"God divides the stillness of His omnipresent Oneness into mated pairs, and simultaneously multiplies their power to simulate His omnipotence and omniscience through fast centripetal motion. He then unites His mated pairs to simulate His Oneness, and simultaneously multiplies their speed of centrifugal motion until they disappear into His omnipresent stillness."

Walter Russell

Source: The Universal One

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A Quote by Eugene C Oliveto, M.D.,P.C. on movement, contentment, peace, acceptance, love of self, and love of others

Love is not a thing. It is not something you do. Love is a way of being, a merging of body, mind and spirit. A state of total acceptance and freedom. Without limits, reservations or qualifications. It is a sense of wonder and oneness with all that exists in a universe that is self-sustaining, and a God who loves us.

Eugene Oliveto

Source: Eugene C Oliveto

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A Quote by Do Hyun Choe on stillness, movement, life, and love

Stillness is what creates Love
Movement is what creates Life
To be still
Yet still moving -
That is everying.

Do Hyun Choe

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